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Fallen Heroine

Just wandering about a AoD Flashback, when Lara is rescued by the Shamans (TLR).

Alceme: :iconrexil: | Lara: :iconxxximnotokayxxx:

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This is absolutely stunning. It's not often we see Lara looking so severely wounded; the way she's only barely managing to hang on to the Shaman is very telling. I love the lighting in particular, and all the details on the Shaman's outfit. Instantly went into my wallpaper rotation folder. :heart:
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Hi Sarah! Sorry about the delay, I've been away for a while =/
Aww, thanks, glad you like it! :heart:
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Wow...even Lara's human! Well rendered and beautiful scene; A lovely mystical moment!
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Where can I download Alceme? (Sorry if I say some nonsense, I'm new :stupidme: )
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Here! [link] =D Tell me if you need any help with it ^_^
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I did not know how she survived =)
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Actually isn't explained in the first part of AoD; as the trilogy has been canceled, remained open. But in "Tomb Raider Official Art Book" The Shaman (Putai; the char in my render doesn't represent her, btw) is mentioned, so I'm presenting her rescue according to my point of view of how would be the continuation of the game. :heart:

If you don't have AoD, take a look: [link] :D
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Thank you for the link! I added the game to my "list":)
I remember my first evening with "The Last Revelation". Probably that cd with game had bad localization because there was no music and a half of movies... However it was amazing adventurer's story!
"Tomb Raider Official Art Book".. Never heard of it O_o
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No problem :aww:
TLR is so awesome! Unfortunately none of the future TRs will follow the same style, I guess =/
About the book: [link] Here you can find some os concept arts, btw [link] :D
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Wow! Now I want to find AoD..
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Nice work. How's things going?
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wow the way laras body is posed is perfect everything is perfect great job (faved)
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:wow: :wow: :wow: unbelievable!!!
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Beautiful composition, full of meaning. Atmosphere very successful.
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Bom trabalho!
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