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Onn-Idri is a human colony on the former outskirts of the TerraCluster near the Likitan Nebula. It was settled by the Japanese in 3064 A.D. The name comes from two people, Mayu Onn and Honoko Idri.

In the first year of the colony's existence, a group of local wildlife called Oni, named after mythological Japanese creatures, began attacking the colony. While everyone else hid in the main building, Mayu and Honoko defended the small colony. Using only katana's they killed off many of the Oni before being killed by the leader. Thanks to them, the Oni soon learned not to mess with humans and the colonists had enough meat for the violent winter months, since their supplies were destroyed by the attacks.

Thanks to [link] for the tutorial [link] that helped me with the planets
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cool image and description
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excellent work on the gas giant.
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thanks, and thanks for the faves!
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What a Beauty!!!
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thanks! and thanks for the fave!
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I assume that you got the tutorial out of our #Spacesbetween tutorials folder maybe?? :P

Cuz if so, that thanks a lot for looking there, it seems the folder is doing it's job wonderfully :D

Also, great job, this looks awesome!
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thanks, and i did get it from there. such a great tutorial!
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Yeah it is. I spent a good hour the other night just searching the archives of Deviant Art for tutorials to add to our group.
I figured if nobody was going to start writing them, I would simply just add great tutorials other have already made :P
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ur original creation? nyc :]
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