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Name: Sormare
Radius: approx. 6,691 km
Surface Land: 59%
Surface Water: 41%
Atmosphere: 72% nitrogen, 26% oxygen, 1% water vapor, 1% other
Year Length: 342 Local Days
Day Length: 25 Hours and 26 minutes
Distance from Parent Star: 209,437,018.98 km
Parent Star: Cateon (Old Earth Name: TYC 118-1703-1)
Distance from Earth: 1235.5 L.Y.
Moons: Draymos and Formare
Capital City: Gliblen City
Population (as of 11000 A.D.): 3.7 billion
Other Info: Discovered in 2426 near the Red Nebula, this lovely planet is an oddity among earth-like worlds. This planet has a bit more land than water, with a large landlocked ocean (Quiress Ocean) plus various other lakes, ponds, streams etc. When it was discovered, it was a desert world, but due to an extensive terraforming process, tons of irrigation tubes were run throughout the planet and transformed the entire planet into a green farming planet.

The names of the planet and all the names of its features are from the artificially made language of Silver, created for a small group of planets in the TerraCluster. Some humans who spoke Silver settled this planet ten years after it was discovered. The planet's main export is livestock, specifically equines (Terran and alien), mostly natural but a few of the planets farms export genetically enhanced breeds as well. Sormare's second biggest export is crops. This is all mostly due to the low lying areas of the planet. Due to this world being agricultural, there are few cities, making this planet a perfect place from which to view the stars and nearby Red Nebula.

There are few mountain ranges due to the apparent lack of tectonic motion. There was evidence that there had been in the past, but it apparently stopped. This means that there are very little earthquakes. Sormare has an axial tilt of about 13.5 degrees, making the seasons milder than Earth. The seasons are also influenced by the fact that the orbit of Sormare is less elliptical than Earth's. There are fewer storms than on Earth. On discovery, there was no plant or animal life, but a perfect atmosphere for life. It didn't take long for genetically Earth plant life to be seeded around the planet's super-continent and small islands.

There is little governmental control, mostly because 85% of the population are farmers, while the other 15% live on the islands in the Quiress Ocean or in the few cities.
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Great description :)
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This is amazing! Nice work dude ;)