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Monster's Heaven Aesthetic #1

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Just a one of aesthetic compilation I did for my currently unfinished draft for the fantasy novel/comic/series/video game.

This is titled "Traditionalists" because in my story it's a party of witches which prefer to traditionally use magic in any situations. They also live in an isolated places around the world. where normal people can't go. One of these places is located in northern Croatia and it's ruled by old gypsy witch Erzebeta. She there lives with her older daughter Dolores, her son-in-law Julije and her grandaughters Ivana and Veronika. They resident in an old pink villa which was built by Erzebeta's grandfather in the late 19th century. Since her family is very rich and it was existened thanks to the royalty bloodline, they also own many servants of supernatural origins. Namely, in my universe they live two main sides of supernatural creatures. One of them are "wolf people" which are mix between humans and wolf demons (which are now endangered species). The other ones are one kind of "elfs" which genome is consistent by humans, wolf demons AND "moth people" that doesn't exist anymore thanks to the human's interruptions. The two of the kinds were forced to hide from the both humans and witches. The tradition of supernatural's labor to the witches began in the mid of 20th century when Erzebeta inherited her parent's throne. She created an extremist policy where witch's bloodline is better than anyone else's and so she forced the supernaturals to work hard in the benefit of economy growth of her little kingdom. All supernaturals where then forced to never leave the therithory of the kingdom and they started to deal with poverty, hunger and diseases.
The Traditionalists also cherish they isolation from the world by living just like in the late 19th and early 20th century. They believe that the outside human world is rotten and that it encourage witches and supernaturals to gave up their powers and identity to join their "normal" world. The enemy of this party are "Modernists" which is lead by Erzebeta's younger daughter, Iris, and her human husband Petar.
But not all people of witches traditionalist are bad. We have Ivana which wants to escape the kingdom and live in the normal world with her wolf-man friend (and her ex groom) Eduard. She hates the ugliness and cruelty of her grandma's regime just like her mother Dolores. On the other hand, we have Julije and his daughter Veronika which are radical fans of the Erzebeta's policy. They (actually Julije since Veronika is just a child) love to treat the supernaturals as garbage and they think they don't deserve better treatment. Veronika acually has a personal butler named Tobija who is an elf. He also dreams to live with Ivana and Eduard outside the kingdom.
All in all, in that rough times where Traditionalist and Modernist are in conflict, the outside world isn't much more better than our poor people think it is...
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