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I'm so behind on my art postings, I have alot of new art but didn't get much time to post them... 
What happened to 2016 how is it October already???
Finally I'm able to start working on Pandect Book 2.  I got upgraded at my work and then NHL, NFL, MLB, and CHL so it became way busier.  I was supposed to start back in September, I'm about 2 months late.

I work in Television, specifically Sports Television so this time of the year gets crazy busy.  Last year I was only given one region (Pacific) of Canada to take care of, now I am taking care of the Eastern Region and Ontario.  For a few short months I was given the entirety of Canada and I had to put a stop before I burn out.  

So long and short, I learned to say "NO" and learned how important it is to do that.

I'm happy to announce I've finally started working on Book 2, estimated to be published in the Summer of 2015.  I used CreateSpace for my first POD experience, I'm happy with the result.  I'll be giving Ingram Spark a try for Book 2, I heard great things about the quality by Ingram Spark vs CreateSpace so I'll keep you all up to date!

If you want to follow my progress on book 2 please keep in touch with me via the following:


Do you guys have any opinions about Create Space or Ingram Spark? I would love to hear it! message me or reply below.


Hey everyone,

Just want to say a big THANK YOU to those who purchased my book!  I sold more than I had anticipated, thanks everyone for supporting my work! This is huge encouragement for me :)

For those who are subscribed to my YouTube channel, I recently uploaded my first tutorial, check it out:

I learned this method when I was sketching dinosaur bones and old artifacts.  If you have any questions feel free to ask away by commenting below or sending me a private message.  Hope you like this tutorial and have fun!

If you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to subscribe to my channel :
Don't forget to visit me in my official Pandect website:

Thank you!
BOOK 1 is on sale now :)
Pandect Book 1 - On Sale by morbidprince

Paperback: $15.99
eBook: $7.99

CLICK HERE for more information and where to buy.

A big BIG BIIIIIG Thank You for all those who has purchased a copy!!  It means a lot to me when someone is willing to hand over their hard earned money for something I made!!!  I couldn't have made it this far without all you wonderful fans' support over the years!! So THANK YOU again!!
Here it is! Unboxing of Pandect book 1!  If all looks well Amazon will be selling it for me!  

Click on the link and visit my channel on YouTube.  I will be uploading drawing tutorials and things there. Thank you!!…
Hey everyone, Pandect Book one is completely done! Yay!! While I'm waiting for my ISBN Number from the Canadian Agency I'm going to add a few more things to it.  The book is expected to debut in July 2014 at Anime Expo.  I'll keep everyone posted!  Also please visit Pandect's official site: to stay connected! :)
I owe everyone an explanation...for those who follows me and wondered about the few years I've disappeared, some even thought I had died.

I was at a job that felt like a death sentence.  

I graduated and was hired into as a full time artist for package design company, all is good.
I got ambitious and greedy, I saw how much money insurance agents bring in, I was not happy with $35K or even $100K  income (where a career in art usually caps out). Insurance agents were raking in $150K - $500K on average, the only catch is to work to death in the first 5 years to build your book of business and it's smooth sailing until retirement.

So I had to give up drawing full time for a few years, shouldn't be too difficult, I'm not afraid of hard work

But the owner of the insurance office I was training under had a Jekyll and Hyde complex.  I was paid less than $25k start (in Toronto you make more working at McDonald).  A full time multi-language insurance agent pays $30K - $40K start, I didn't know better.

My work hours were 9am to 7pm six days a week, with unpaid overtime (standard is 9am - 5pm, 5 days a week, 1 hour lunch), I'm expected to work through lunch depending on work load.  And not to mention the abusive weekly meetings every Thursday starting at 8am (that is a 11hr no break, no lunch, intense work day).  Since i spoke 3 languages I took care of majority of the customers.  The standard for insurance office client per agent is 500 to 1, that office had over 6700 clients and only 4 full time agents. All of this in addition to moving benchmarks, conflicting instructions, and the boss having psychotic breakdowns because our sales numbers did not match her moving expectation.

You'd think I'd wake up and quit, this is only training, I'd still have to work another 5 years after I open my own office.  

With the endless work and a psychotic boss I couldn't even think let alone write and draw Pandect.  I spent 10 to 11 hrs a day at work depending if I had to stay overtime.  I did not have time or energy for anything else except to eat, my world becomes what the boss expect of me.  Of course I didn't even have time to reconsider if all this was worth it.

I was at a point where I would fantasize about getting into a car accident on my way to work and go on workers comp (and that was how one of the co-worker got out).  Good thing I really like my car, it was my pride and joy and I wouldn't dare put a dent on it.  

It did not help that the economy collapsed in 2008 and almost everyone I know got laid off.  My boss made sure she reminded me daily about the rising unemployment rate outside and that her letter of recommendation would give me a bonus when I open shop.  

Long and short, I met my husband in Anime North of 2011, I'm very thankful to God for bringing him into my life.  After we got married he saw what my work was doing to me and helped me snap out of it.  I quit and got a job as a Jersey designer at a Sports Jersey factory in Feb of 2012.  Later I was picked up by Sportsnet (sports tv station).  Both of these jobs were wonderful and I thank God and my husband.  For a year after I quite Insurance, I frequently wake up in tears and cold sweat because I had a dream that I was back in that insurance hell.  

Thank God I don't have those anymore and I can say I'm fully recovered.  I only started to draw in May of 2013 and the first thing I jumped on is Pandect.  I have lost most of my readers during the 3 silent years but that is okay I'm drawing again and very happy.  I am very thankful for all of you who stayed with me, encouraging me and reminding me you're still out there waiting for the rest of Pandect.

I Hope this sheds some light on those who were wondering...and for those who are at a toxic work place.. QUIT!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR REASON IS, IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!
I've been getting a lot of request about MT so I will be uploading it here all 300+ pages maybe I will even finish it XD

Will make accouncement <-- *announcement I love autocorrect
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I'm very happy with going with Color :)
Stumbling around with wordpress (i'm such a n00b)
Still needs help with putting together a website if anyone knows anyone..?

will pay :P

Anyway... my online comic is back up and running and has enough pages to update without fail (unless comicgen fails) until March 2014

Shounen ai...

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Hey I'm going ahead in setting up a website for printed Pandect and where I will post more cleaned up pages of my comic.  I got the webcomic plugin for Wordpress anyone know a good tutorial to get started?  I'm used to coding and Wordpress is new for me...

Any recommendation would be awesome!

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I know right soooooooooo late on this stuff Dina

But I wanted to do this in preparation of Printed Pandect.  Like me? follow me? :) lots of spoilers and progress update!

Pandect my online webcomic:
Pandect FaceBook:
Pandect twitter:
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My online comic that's been on hiatus since 2011

Comic will update March 15, 2013
updating Wednesdays (or Tuesdays at 5pm EST)

Thank you for waiting and all the encouragements!!!
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I just realized...the last 4 drawings I uploaded has the character covering the mouth...I wonder why I did...WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? o.o
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I forgot something very important...

It's very therapeutic to draw


and I dropped the State Farm Agency opportunity... the new contract is too shitty.. :(
The new way to do business for any large corporation seems to be "eat your own off springs"

I just gave my 2 weeks notice to State Farm

going back to art

already happier and making art :)

those who read Pandect... thanks for sticking out and waiting for me!
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Srsly.... I'm so behind tho....


drawing more Pandect pages... stacking up
drawing more Fanart for Anime North 2011

my job is gay (insurance rates are so high in Ontario now, this turns my job very very gay - and not in a good way)

D :

: D
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OMG I just noticed I got a DD badge in my "To Rescue Rukia" Bleach artwork!!!

Wow thanks so much!!! that really kick3ed assss !!!!!
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First off want to thank :iconpalsha3: for giving me premium membership :) !!!  :hug:

Second, I decided to mess with the print thingy.  A few of my pieces have been selected for print.  I started with the ones with Print Request.. XD I think I did it right?

And er... I got this new sketch program for my iPhone, want to do some sketches on it... any requests??
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Hi everyone,

Sakura Con 2010 just ended... THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR VISITING MAH TABLE (All 2 of them if some of you may have noticed I was tabled with the following lovely ladies:  :icongladyfaith::iconcl0che::iconcosmicspectrumm:

Thank you all for your support and all the encouragements :3 certainly this is a con I'm planning on returning to, it was very fun!

I will be attending:
* Anime North 2010 (TOronto)
* Anime Expo 2010 (Los Angeles)
* Otakon 2010 (Baltimore)

Hopefully Printed Pandect will be ready by Anime Expo :D
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So it's in the works.... I'm going to make Pandect a printed book.  It will be approx 300 pages (which will end at about this page:…)
The book will be perfect bound A5 size (5.83 x 8.26 in ), will be sold at approx... $17 - $21 (depending on how much it will cost me to print it)
But I would like your opinion on the following dear Pandect fans - your feedbacks are important!:

- is the book too large (too many pages) ?
- Do you have a budget in buying comic books?
- comments or suggestions? Questions?

Thank you all so much for your suggestions!! :D Definitely helped a lot. I thought about it, i agree with the suggestion that the book should be smaller... it will probably get more books out, sooner too.  At the moment there's enough pages for approx 5 books? with approx 150 - 170 pages each, hopefully I get the 1st books printed by the time the convention comes around. I'm using to publish and the prices will be approx $10 - $12 instead. Reason for using Lulu is because I won't be able to oversee the print and make sure the book gets there while trying to get into State Farm Agency (I'VE BEEN SELECTED TO BE A STATE FARM AGENT!!! :D).  

Please let me know if you strongly opposes to using I've only printed my portfolio there and purchased a few books, I liked the quality.
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Hey is anyone out of luck for the Artist Alley registration.  Want to share a Dealer's room table with me? I'm looking for 2 more people...

I liked being in the dealer's room... XD

Anyways... let me know if you're interested, I need 2 more people..