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Small Flame
When relocating bugs
we advise cupping your free hand around them
as you would shield the first, delicate drag
from a freshly-lit cigarette.
Protect that tiny flame from the wind.
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 0
Crickets Chirping
The din of crickets
seems so much more earthshattering
when it is reduced
to one lonely cricket purring
his heart out
and me
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Deep Blue Sea
Opening my eyes underwater, only to see innumerable
shades of blue, blurring into one another,
sets some reflective part of me trembling.
Not in fear of the magnitude of that chaos out there in the wide ocean.
I terrorize myself.
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A Room with a View
when I walk out the door,
I look out over the houses
and watch the sun shatter
the clouds, watch the light
play on brick walls, watch
the gentle curve of the hills.
it snows, and I look up
and watch flakes hit my face,
watch them melt on my glasses,
watch the sky
I look down and watch
the sidewalk pass by.
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Fairy Tale
There's a hedgehog in my stomach,
and sometimes, she gets restless
and when she does, her quills erect
and her claws send shivers up my throat.
I live in fear that this hedgehog will escape,
and so every day, like Penelope in Ithaca,
I rebuild her cage.
And every night, she rips it up again.
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Piece of Mind
is distracting
when my body turns against me
all I can do is
turn back.
Too much of this
to drown out the static in my head
maybe I should just
tune the channel.
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 1 13
In the Sun
When my breath tendrils around my face, and
dawn scrabbles for the sky,
Tears like sneezes stick in my throat;
Orion guide me home.
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 0
In my dreams,
I am a fluttering thing,
attached to nothing - the memory of some child's hand on my string.
Around other people,
I can pretend everything's all right.
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 1 4
Aubade the Third
So many dawns,
so many wakings,
not all of them
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 0
I'm starting to forget your smile
and the sound of your heart under my ear,
she said,
a throwaway line for a throwaway love.
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Aroma of longing
a flutterby swirl of practical lust
oh if only
the sky could tilt and fall on me as I
lie on the air and dream of madness
missing and wanting, both achey heart-breaky:
is not
present; instead, hiding in the corners, out of your grasp,
clutching the remnants of your heart (a beautiful heart)
and wailing in fear
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 0
exclusive or
You and me, baby, never quite aligned, never quite right.  
You xor me, darling,
yields something so divine, so antithetical to human nature,
so perfect.
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 1 0
Aubade II
cotton on fire
sunrise over waking world--
papers left to write
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 1
Winter Dreams
softer than the sound of your
sleeping breath, and a
slim crescent moon: your
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 1 0
Mature content
Corrective lenses :iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 0
Fall - epilogue
And if a leaf
were to
into my outstretched palms
I would still wish upon it
:iconmorbidflight:morbidflight 0 1

Random Favourites

Ephemeral Elation
When the boredom kicks in
The sounds of a monotone bass become addictive
Turning up the volume becomes like
The craving of a sedative
The elation it brings
Always seems to leave too soon
And suddenly the volume cannot go any louder
Making my mind go numb and me immune
My numbness has a certain energy
A will to find an elation more immense
And as my current bliss rapidly fades
An appetite, a craving grows more intense
The sounds echo and reverberate in my ears
Making my fading elation saint
And with each beat, each tremor
My euphoria becomes all the more faint
"I want more! Louder!"
I feel myself say
Then added to my mindless desire
With rage and madness I begin to sway
Backwards and forwards
Until the sounds violently cease
And only while I continue this vicious cycle
Will I be kept ephemerally at ease.
:iconnhc:nhc 1 3
twin dragons by LadyXiao twin dragons :iconladyxiao:LadyXiao 92 32 the street by prismes the street :iconprismes:prismes 1,220 544 From the very start by riley3richie From the very start :iconriley3richie:riley3richie 4 11 Stop The Tumult-Piano by CottonValent Stop The Tumult-Piano :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 81 19
At Day's End
The sun sets along the horizon
Another day has come to an end
As the moon ascends to its nightly throne
She flees the darkness it brings
The clouds roar above her
Bright flares of light slice through the sky
And are instantly swallowed up
As the heavens wage war over her
Tears of rage soak her to the bone
Leaving her body numb with cold
She tries to run but stumbles
Dark figures like demonic warriors
Bind chains around her wrists
She struggles in vain to escape
As clawed hands tug and tear at her mind
Until she no longer knows what is real
And what is not
The closer she comes to the light
The greater the shadows become
Until they consume her whole
She is drowning
Unable to breathe
As the darkness penetrates her very soul
Envelope her whole
Her limbs jerk violently
As she tries to reach the surface
But is dragged further into the depths
As she slowly fades away beneath the waters
She begins to lose consciousness
Just when she has almost lost herself completely
Surrendered to the darknes
:iconsabriel418:sabriel418 2 4


It's strange.  I'm really quite a visual person, but I focus so heavily on the words.  I think part of it is that the challenge of translating a gesture, or a thought, or a memory, into words makes it more real.  I reify as I write.

But that means there's always a bit of the idea that's lost in translation, the ineffable bit of it.

So right now when I feel like felt torn apart, I know exactly what I mean, but there's no way that you can without having my thoughts.  But if I write that it feels like tearing, like extracting fibers that are inextricably bonded, then maybe you get a bit of an idea.  But the colors are washed out.  There's this great mass in my head that will never find voice.

I keep trying, though.  Maybe someday someone will understand exactly (even if it's in eighty-five years and I'm long dead and the person thinks s/he's insane for thinking that they get it).  For that hope, I keep writing.

(This will be cross-posted because it's a bit more personal than a typical dA entry...for me at least.)
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Thanks for the :+fav: on two pieces! Long time no talk, how ya been? :heart:
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