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11.03.2019 - Atlach-Nacha, the Spider God by hubertspala
Spider Lad by Maeltopia
n a k e d B O T by Dtronaustin
Artist List
Hastur, the King in Yellow by hubertspala
Monster Girl Challenge 08 - Spider by justsantiago
Mask1 by thomaswievegg
Deleriael, The Angel of Madness by Maeltopia
Main Gallery
Endless War by AVirusErothanatoguru
Album cover. Skull. Space. by AVirusErothanatoguru
Reptilian brain by AVirusErothanatoguru
Inward Motion by WKarellen



Intent and Rules

To be morbid is to have an abnormal attraction to unpleasant perspectives. As science expands, so do the ideas of what we can become. These notions can mesmerize and evolve into fetishes and fascinations that, to the outer observer, seem morbid.

This group is for those who do not shy away from those imaginative veins.


This is where everyone submits. Art and literature submissions, no matter how surreal, must be an interpretation of the physical universe. No magic. Nothing supernatural.

Additionally, the submissions have to be more than self-indulgent. The work has to, on some level, invite the viewer to understand the subject. I intend to be open minded but, if I do decline your work, I'll explain why.

Mature art of all extremes is acceptable as long as it abides by DA Guidelines and has the mature content filter.

You can submit one deviation per day.
You must be a member to submit.
All skill levels are accepted.
Only original works will be accepted. No fan art.


Periodically, I will select artists from the Main Gallery to add to this list. Hopefully, it will become a convenient overview of the stranger scifi artists on DA.


As the group grows, I will select artwork that best reflects what I feel this group should be. These works will be given the most exposure.






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