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December 28, 2008
Lost city by ~Morano is just stunning! Such clarity in painting easily takes the viewer to a whole new dimension while it sets a whole new standard for the word believable.
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Lost city

Four years after ,we decided to wake them up , we don't even asking if this was a good or wrong decision anymore . Now we just try to live in our city ...or what left of it , just for another day more.
Lets just hope our children will forgive us someday ... o yes, I forgot ,we won't have children anymore.
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z0rgy's avatar
why are digital paintings ALWAYS so small? is it because they'd look worse if bigger?
The-Harbinger-FA's avatar
fucking watermarks...
AarondaImmortalSaint's avatar
As much this discourage my hope for the human race I love it
Agree - stunning! Well done!
bpramod's avatar
Coolest scenery I've seen in a while.
bloodmoongraphics's avatar
This sound like a good story line, wish you could detail the idea abit more, its incredible
DoctorVoodoosLab's avatar
Amazing concept art, mate! :)
exocolumn's avatar
Stunning. I love this one!
WiccanTitanicgrrl's avatar
Awesome! Reminds me of a surreal game. :D
psypher101's avatar
This is a gorgeous piece! Great composition. Nice use of perspective, movement, and lighting. I especially love the statue.
adriskillphotography's avatar
Is it available in a higher-res format at all? This would make an astonishing desktop.
whats happening in this picture? Woke who up?
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
Very beautiful and dangerous world...!!!
biohazardousproducti's avatar
I love this its amazing. I really wish i could do this type of work
dexbrax's avatar
Wow. Love the details great work. How long did you work on it?
SAMLIM's avatar
you are very talented !
leviathen's avatar
HOLY CRAP... im in love!
Rau-Le-Creuset's avatar
Hmm it has an almost steampunk feel to it.....and I definatly "see" Fallout in here...beautifully done..Good Show!:)
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