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4th Confederate War



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Ever since the start of the Confederate Wars in 1983 with the succession of Texas from the Confederacy the Southeast of North America has been ravaged by constant turmoil. When the communist revolutions started in 1985, various states of the Confederacy started falling to the red tide one by one. And while the wars appeared to be over once an international ceasefire was signed at the London Conference of 1992, in reality the next war was already brewing under the surface.

This war would be a geopolitical one, between puppets of the USSR and puppets of the PRC. Throughout most of the former Confederacy, militias funded by the Soviets formed the majority of the rebel forces, except for those states dominated by the Black Panther Party. The Black Panther Party, lead by Dr. Huey Newton, an African-American who grew up in rural Louisiana, had its own revolutionary doctrine which focused on the establishment of a black nationalist state. While the USSR was fine to let the Black Panthers establish their own states, everything changed in 1997. In that year, when Huey Newton unveiled his second 5-year plan, the world was shocked to read how it included the expulsion of all non-blacks from the four states under his control. Once the population had been purged of "imperialist whites" the states would combine into the United Negro Republic to provide a new homeland for the African-American population of North America.

The USSR, stunned by these racist and anti-white policies immediately cut off all diplomatic ties with the Black Panther states, with the Atlanta Pact following suit shortly afterwards. Having made enemies with the Soviet Union, the Black Panthers turned to the East and began negotiations with the People's Republic of China. In return for exclusive rights to the vast oil supplies located off the coast of the Bayou, Zhang Chunqiao agreed to send medicine, arms, and other manufactured goods to the Black Panther states. This realignment of the states to the Maoist PRC was unacceptable for the USSR, and thus secret preparations for a massive invasion of the Black Panther states began. 

In March of 1998 these plans were put into action as the Atlanta Pact launched a surprise attack on all four Black Panther states at once. Shaken by how quickly the Atlanta Pact had prepared an invasion, Huey Newton decided to rush his own plans and announced the creation of the United Negro Republic, hoping to inspire mass revolts of all the African Americans in Atlanta Pact states. However such a revolt never occurred, and with the Soviet aligned states of Venezuela and Brazil sending in "peacekeeping ships" off the coasts of the United Negro Republic Huey Newton's dream looked as though it was to meet an abrupt end. In a last ditch effort, the PRC proposed a motion to the UN Security Council to announce an immediate cessation of hostilities in the former Confederate States, citing the Atlanta Pact invasion as a violation of the London Conference. However this motion was vetoed by the USSR, and the world could do nothing as Arkansawyer tanks rolled down the streets of New Orleans. By April of 1999, all major cities of the United Negro Republic had been captured by Atlanta Pact troops, though large swathes of the countryside remained pockets of rebellion. These guerrilla fighters continued high level attacks on Atlanta Pact forces until December 13th, 1999, when Huey Newton was dragged out of his bunker in the Yazoo river delta.

By the time of Huey Newton's capture over 31,000 people had been killed, with the majority of them being civilians. On Christmas Day a show trial was held to convict Huey Newton of crimes against humanity, and on January 1st, 2000 he was executed by firing squad to symbolize the start of the a new millenia and a new century, a Soviet century. 
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