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Hi There~!

This is the Official Deviantart for Moral Insanity, A bay Area Cosplay group :D
Hi EVERYONE! SO Haven here finally writing down about Mi's visit to Japan Expo 1st Impact USA! The convention was small and even though I had to buy a weekend pass on site I was in and out of the reg area in like.. five minutes O_O. Az had already bought hers so on Friday we met back up and gallivanted around the little con :) I was cosplaying Ms. Valerie Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and She was cosplaying Sango form Inu Yasha :D The convention itself was a very small one. The dealers hall and artist alley were in the same room along with a small panel stage, a cosplay stage for gatherings, and the autograph area. In another room near
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Fanime 2013

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So Fanime has been over for a few weeks but This is Haven ehre to day how awesome it was :D All of Moral Insanity was there and we all enjoyed the many events we went to. Haven sat in the Prereg line for 9.5 hours as Black Cat with short visits by Azreale and lulu Dressed as Tsubaki and Yuno from Future Diaries as well as Truman (not in cosplay XD). Friday Haven and Azreale ran the Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon Gathering as Treetrunks and Raggedy Princess :D It was AWESOME! We had so many people and I give super props to our Photographer Tye XD A little Later Azreale ran the Cowboy bebop gathering and Lulu ran the gravity Falls gathering ^
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It's been awhile so I figured I'd update for the group XD This is Haven btw :) So Fanime is once again closing in on us and our little group is working very hard on all of our costumes for this year XD We are proud to say we are hosting gatherings at Fanime again. Here is a list of the gatherings we are hosting!!! Haven: League of Legends/Dota Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon Team Rocket Azreale: Harvest Moon Cowboy Bebop Rumiko Takahashi Lulu: Fruits Basket Gravity Falls Pokemon Wonderland We hope to see anyone who will be there :D
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Heyo, you hosted the LoL Fanime meetup this year right? Do you know where I could possibly find some of the pictures people took? I was one of the ezreals, and unfortunately since all my friends dressed up, I never go to take any pictures ;-;
I sure do ^^ I will be updating this as I find more pictures so there are only a few so far^^

Awesome :D woot it's great seeing myself, too bad they aren't higher res though, but I'm sure more pictures will show up later
Thanks for the watch!!! :D and I see that you guys go to Fanime too.
HAha I'm the runner of the Lol gathering there :) I love your Fiora cosplay!!! (this is Haven from Moral Insanity btw XD Since this is a group deviant art I thought I'd say this XD)
Oh! I see. :) Thank you for the compliment, Haven! Who will you be going as for the League gathering this year? ^^ I'll be going as Blackthorn Morgana there. :D
It's a tough decision I have Pentakill Sona in the works currently and I have Iron Scale Shyvana as well xD Depends on what I wanna deal with, Armor or the Massive Etwal XD