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Firebending Final List

I could go on and on about how hard it was to master the element of fire. 

Fire is a bitch to do.  
You have to constantly remind yourself that fire evaporates really quickly after time.
and to position that particular bit of fire is so hard to do.

But the most I had trouble with was the colour. 
I had a lot of help from all the AVATAR show. But when I was looking for fire I realised that the different artists that created each episode are a lot different to each other.
Not saying thats not good, but there is a limit to how many ways to draw an element.

Anyway! Thats just my opinion.

So, I have finished my list of many of the main firebending techniques that are commonly used.

There could be way more that I've missed out but to my fans; these are the ones that drew my eye.
Thank you to all that showed their support, faved, watched and gave me 3D Llama Badge's. 
Also thank you Avatar creators and directors for teaching me the element of fire.

Its an update of this [link]

PS just for fun, if you like, tell me witch one is your favourite.
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I have recreated like 5 of your firebending poses and have posted and I wanted to know if you had a an instagram account so I could credit you.

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My instagram account is seizure_art

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-whistles- Now this is firebending.

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Hahaha thanks a bunch :D
What the hell oh my god....... This is the best thing on the internet.
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HAHA  Thank you so much. Im very flattered. Im in the middle of drawing a big Airbending page soon. Basically all the elements are coming haha.
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Plz do the same overview for waterbending :)
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I've actually got an update for you about that  Waterbending Poses by moptop4000  
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This is pretty rad
moptop4000's avatar
Thanks a bunch :D
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I like that you decided to don´t really draw flames and instead of it go with these fireballs. I think it is aswell really nice that the actions would look like real fighting skills even if there wouldn`t be any fire at all.
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You are alright with people using this as a reference for their pieces, correct? Just want to ask before I make a piece using this as a reference. 
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Yah I'm fine with people using my work. Just please credit me when you post it up please:D sorry for the late reply
mariokartsonicriders's avatar
No worries about the wait, and I'll be certain to credit you.
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ah,  nostalgia...:) Wait. Fuck you sideways? Gladly tell me when and where
Good job btw :D 
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Hahaha much appreciated man. I hate the fact that it IS nostalgia cus i wanted to finish the others like three years ago. 
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aaaaa these are so amazing, I hope you don't mind that I used one of your poses as a reference for a picture of mine here:
fwoosh by LttleGhost
I couldn't have done it without yours!! (though now I wish I had been a bit more attentive about shading on my character, yours looks much better aa)
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Wow. this is amazing digital art. I still can never pull this greatness off hahaha. I don't mind at all. The shading is perfect btw. This is so good. Keep it up :D 
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i really love your firebending art!!!!!!! how exactly do you know where to place the darker color for fire
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A lot of trial and error practice. Thats why I think fire is the most hardest element to draw, and I think thats why I started it first. I used a lot of references from the TV shows. I took screenshots and saved a lot of art. 
omg can you please teach me how you do fire? i just sort of jumped into it after doing a waterbending image and i want to spend some time mastering all of the elements like you have, any tutorial or advice you have i will happily take! your work is incredible, and i want to reference you to kick off my mastering all of the elements
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Dude its just practice. practice practice and a lot of saved images from a lot of other atists. I know it sucks to hear but thats the truth
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Wow. I'm looking at all your stuff... So amazing...
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Thanks a bunch:D much appreciated:hug:
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