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1.2.18 - The Great Escape

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Hey! It's been a while, so here's a bit of an update! I'm still alive and am 100% planning to keep making this comic, so no worries in that department. I've been a bit distracted with other things recently, mostly doing as many commissions as I can to build up a bit of savings in-between my studying and preparation for university soon.

I'm still in Utah, as the Covid situation in Texas has SOMEHOW gotten even worse and is practically leading the boards in how quickly the pandemic is spreading, right around where Flordia is with just over 2000 new cases a day. My family isn't planning on leaving Utah any time soon, but I do need to go back once my Fall Semester starts, so expect updates to start coming out more frequently around late July to early August, as that's when I'll be back at my PC. Until then, I'll still try to get updates out, but no promises.

Also hey, if you want to support me, my commissions are always open and you can find my price sheet here: Mop Commission Sheet. Thank you all again for your patience and support, I hope to be back with more pages soon. Bye!


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Wow, Bird reacted like a boss in the last panel.

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Lol Arizona has like 20 cases per day, so my opinion is so skewed but wow that sucks.

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So... The stories are true

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Better naruto run out of there

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He nyoom