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Fantastic Fan Art Friday 09-02-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Happy Friday and welcome back to another feature coming straight from the Fan Art category!  Today we're taking a look at pieces with incredible environments!  In fan art, we often focus on our beloved characters as they commonly take center stage in fan art but in these amazing pieces, the landscape shines bright.  Take a look at these beautiful pieces that feature colorful landscapes, backgrounds, and environments! Daily Deviation Round Up Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week! Have an great weekend, everyone!
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 08-26-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Monday! Hey there and welcome back to another fan art feature! I apologize for the delay - I was at a friend's wedding this weekend and couldn't get the features up on Friday.  So here they are to bring some happiness to your Monday! This week we're taking a look at some incredible fan pieces inspired by Steven Universe!  Created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is an amazing show that follows the lives of Steven and the Crystal Gems.  I wasn't sold on the show initially thinking that it was just a quirky slap stick comedy about a kid who tried to hard to fill big shoes but holy crap, does it get good fast.  There's
July Feature Spotlight - The Ropes of Freedom
Because wings means freedom. I'm so original I know! Hiya how's everyone faring? I've been so immersed in my own little research for perfection that it took me two days and my parent's reminder to realize it was August already =V I still don't have a theme for this month, but I guess that I still have time to think about it~ This is journal is to give further exposure -in no particular order- to my 5 personal faves and to the other 29 featured works; you can find the whole thread here go check them out! Mother Earth by ctrl-alt-delete ( What I like the most about this piece is how plastic and 3D it looks: I never thought that pixels c
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 07-29-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome back to another fan art feature!  This week we're taking a look at Pokémon fan art that use rich palettes and spectacular lighting to set a magical mood and atmosphere! Moody lighting and deep color palettes often invoke an emotional response from the viewer.  Warm palettes and strong light can convey happiness and content feelings where cool colors and soft lighting may feel sorrowful or calm.  Paintings where the figure seem to emit their own light tend to feel ethereal while figures hidden in shadow seem mysterious.  Escape into the magic of color and light in these beautif
Incredible artwork
Guys, I need to show you... This. This is so incredibly beautiful, ahhh. c: This is Lin--Wolf ('s part of our art trade, and I simply had to share it with you, because I feel her fantastic artwork deserves more recognition. These fantastic colours and her unique style really feel magical to me. :) Make sure to check out her gallery!
Devious Journal Entry
 Welcome to Fractal Feature, Issue 01! It doesn't matter what program you use, or if you're into IFS, escape time/orbit or ray tracing - what matters is that the fractal community has incredible artistic vision, technical execution, and quality of both, as well as a willingness to consistently push boundaries and build off each other's experiences. We are constantly evolving and creating, and I would be remiss by not highlighting some of the latest achievements in fractal art here on DeviantArt. This week's feature will highlight the skill and ingenuity of fractal artists that have produced abstract, organic, space-like, or even painterly w
Thank You friends and DA
I just want to say that I came to Deviant Art in 2006 during my tour in Iraq. Already I was suffering from a horde of darkness and terrors. I sought to express my frustration and creative impulses and reflect on them for the later years. Since I've been back home Ive still been struggling with the after effects of both my time there and my current status of my life. However, one thing has been constant: The continuing support of this excellent community. Each time I release my art and share my ideas, the wonderful people of DA are right there to share interest and perspective on my creations. I am eternally  grateful. I'd like to share th
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 07-22-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Welcome back to another Friday and a feature coming straight from the Fan Art category!  This week we're looking at Okami! Okami is a beautiful game with a unique sumi-e-inspired style so everything has a painted look.  As you progress through the game, you rescue and rejuvenate the lands around you resulting in explosions of floral embellishment.  It's no wonder the game has inspired so many amazing fanart pieces!  Here's a look at some of the incredible artwork created in tribute to Okami! Special thanks to PangoPixel ( for suggesting this week's theme! Daily Deviation Round Up Here are the Daily Deviations that I
we're dancing now within the trees which are really many seas, a liquid forest you can say moves like water as we play, the talks, the chats, the pawns and kings all fit together like magic rings deeply rooted and heavily soaked these seeds of fire are fluidly stoked; the trees have grown a wave soon forms, in pyramidlike fashion it breaks the norms, gathering all the fish around to the steady flowing sound of crashing waves of liquid trees of magic water the coolest breeze, the ship is coming, nowhere to hide, the water now controls the ride, so in this liquid jungle trance take my hand for one more dance.
Praising Life Project: Contributions 2 [Updates!]
The original project journal has so many contributions it can no longer be updated! :la: Thank you guys! Intro information can be found here: It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! ( & Comment!) Contribute to the Project (Read On) or Donate I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can. The goal of 15,00 points has been reached, I am now looking for prize donations to a contest! Thank you so much for participating! KaineKamui ("I Will See: The sun falls Night it rises But I will see sunlight again The clouds darken Rain begins to pour But I will see blue skies again Hopes shatt
DAnniversary Contest - CLOSED
The contest is now closed. Winners will be announced at the end of the week. To celebrate my 5-year DAnnyversary I'm hosting a contest! How to enter: Create an artwork that has at least 3 of the following 5 things in it: a kite the colour red a book a skyline fish Deadline:  September 4, 2016 (ends at midnight Los Angeles time) Rules: the work you submit has to be created after July 15, old works can't be entered this contest is open to everyone, and all art forms (yes, including literature) are allowed link to this journal in your artwork description or add to the artist's comment that it's for this contest comment with your entry on th
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 07-15-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Hello and welcome back to another edition of Friday features coming straight out of the Fan Art category!  This week, prepare for a HUGE DOUBLE FEATURE since I was on travel last week and couldn't do a Friday post. First up, we're taking a look at pieces inspired by Pokémon Go!  The mobile based Pokémon catching game was released in most countries this past week and it has certainly been a phenomenon.  The game has been widely positive as people have been getting outdoors, getting to know their communities, and meeting other trainers and Pokémon enthusiasts.  The release of the game has also spurred so
Dragon Fruit
I am a dragon just a baby searching hard and high here I am little oh me just learning how to fly yet curious and so nosey I can soar the open sky searching over here it has to be perfect searching over there round, red and ripe searching every where for just the right type I search high and low in every tree I see a sweet "Dragon fruit" is just what I seek to the next branch I go so proud mother will be
How it would have been if...
...these incredible TRADITIONAL artists had an deviantART official account !? I think most of us had watched them ! ________________ Personally I have many unanswered questions, and I would have loved that they can send me the answer via note :giggle: . :star: To share with us awesome advices , talk about art and technique and mentoring / helping us to become better artists. (just a dream) _____ I will try to show you their possible dA profiles in real time and with all the info and how the deviantART logo looks like in their own style : 1. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) ''Learning never exhausts the mind" :star:The dA logo in his style: ____
Summer Card Project
No matter the reason, any stay in a hospital could use a little sunshine. And what better way to brighten a hospital stay than with art from the heart? After nine successful years of DeviantArt's #HolidayCardProject, we've decided to bring the project to the summer months, for the first ever #SummerCardProject! The idea behind this project is simple: create an inspirational card to brighten the day of someone staying in a hospital. If you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will be given a free one-month Core Membership to DeviantArt. Last December, the project received over 4,500 cards sent in from 2,000
Anthro Challenge #133 - Art Nouveau
Welcome to the 133rd installment of Anthro Challenge! We're going to try something a little different this year by posting these journals at both of our main Anthro groups here on dA. anthrochallenge ( will still be our main hub for the challenges but you will also find the journals posted over at AnthroCommunity ( in order to spread the word about our monthly challenge! AnthroCommunity ( | anthrochallenge ( Contest Deadline: July 31st Time Deadline: 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time | AC Theme: Art Nouveau This month's theme is Art Nouveau Last month was a colour challenge.  This month is a style challenge! Art Nouveau - a st
Deviation ThumbShare: Monthly Contest Winner!
This past month the Community Relations team hosted a Monthly Art Contest in the Deviation ThumbShare forum. Deviants had 30 days to submit artwork related to the designated team, and a winner would be selected from the pool of submissions, to receive a 3 month Core Membership or the equivalent 1,200 . The theme for June was Wildlife. The winner is KassandraN ( with: 2nd place: 3rd place: Other Submissions:
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 07-01-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Happy Friday and welcome back to another Fan Art Feature!  I'm coming to you from my table at Anthrocon which means I'll be slow this weekend on responses to my comments, notes, and questions.  But enough about me, let's take a look at OVERWATCH features! Ever since Overwatch was released (and long before then), the game has inspired some amazing artwork! I'm enjoying seeing the variations and artistic takes on all of the characters!  Here are some incredible Overwatch pieces that were created recently! Daily Deviation Round Up Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week.  As always, have a great weekend
Giveaway! [closed]
Giveaway is closed now. Winners will be announced soon! A little while ago I started a new little project: icon features on my page. It's nothing major, but I hope it can still help some people get a little bit more exposure ^^ All points donated for features go towards Giveaways or Challenges. Each time I set a goal. The first goal was 200:points:, and it's now been achieved! I don't have the time to host a challenge right now, so a giveaway it is :D How to join:bulletgreen: Fave this journal, and comment with a deviation by someone else, and tell me why you like it. [Please write at least one complete sentence. For example: I like this
June challenge - The lone tree : CLOSED!
Hi all, Our monthly challenge The lone tree! is now closed. The winner will be known soon. We thank all who participated!!! :) :thumb618065365: :thumb618012090: :thumb617886389: :thumb617302699: :thumb617637001: :thumb617208308: :thumb617067883: :thumb169033600: :thumb616559379: :thumb616180489: :thumb615194678: :thumb577148385: :thumb614608160: :thumb614862585: :thumb614681159: :thumb498255571: :thumb342800131: :thumb418136545: :thumb382157316: :thumb568943469: :thumb591220302:
Fantastic Fan Art Friday 06-24-2016
Fantastic Fan Art Friday Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Fantastic Fan Art Friday with features coming straight from the Fan Art Category!  This week we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog!  GOTTA GO FAST! Quiz Time! What game system was the first Sonic game launched on? What was Sonic's original name going to be? Who voiced Sonic in the 1993 animated series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? What was the first game to include both Sonic and Mario? What is Sonic's favorite food? Daily Deviation Round Up Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week!  Thank you for all of your lovely suggestions a
Top 10 Favs Song Covers
10. Ice Nine Kills - Good Riddance 9. Silverstein - Apologize 8. Metallica - Turn the Page 7. Ataris - Boys of the Summer 6. Seasons After - Cry Little Sister 5. Seal - Fly Like an Eagle 4. Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring the Pain 3. I See Stars - Youth 2. Cradle of Filth - Hollow Be Thy Name 1. Disturbed - Sound of Silence
Phil Tippett: My Life in Monsters
Meet Phil Tippett, the Animator behind “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park” #MeetTheArtists via deviantart ( Google+ Twitter Facebook Phil TippettMy Life in Monsters Meet the Animator behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his art Author: LaurenKitsune ( Phil Tippett Phil Tippett’s career as a visual-effects supervisor began when he breathed life into “Star Wars” creations large and small, from AT-AT Walkers to Luke’s tauntaun to the holographic fighting chess pieces. Involved in both the design and animation of fantastical creations, Tippett lent hi
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