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made to be the index for [link]

VISIT NOW. up and (almost fully) running!
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Ah-hah, so it was you.

I saw the website through and asked her if she had ever been in MAG before (because I recognized the little character there).

Then she promptly told me that 'twas your little blue and white ball of fluff that had been featured on MAG. At least, I think that was you. I'm pretty sure. Maybe.

Yep. It was you.

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Wai! :heart: I want a crtitter like the one with striped horns. X3
zombiehunter's avatar
it's like the second coming of christ!
zambicandy's avatar
you make fatbatcat look so much cuter than I ever could ;3; Did I mention I love this picture? Its so soft and adorable ;3; Im so happy to have things up and working YAY! Now hurry up and make momo website working soon too!

and maybe Ill give you some cookies :]
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; o ; it looks so clean and gorgeous. a befitting splash for!! and also THE CUTEST FBC I HAVE EVER SEEN OH MY GOOOOOD.
humon's avatar
Awww! I love the little purple fella’. “Star!”
nastenka's avatar
I cannot, with my present state of wakefulness, describe how awesome this is. I go to visit zamomo site RIGHT NOW.
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This would make good wallpaper :D
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so cute and sweet i could puke <3
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haha cute! I love their poses and outfits and the colors. awesome job
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Oh My god, UFO has new comics since last I checked! (admitedly, probably half a year ago).

I love this pic. Yay Momoarts!
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