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Paranoid Android {TBL Contest Entry}
Song: Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Themes: Death, Fear, Anxiety, Envy
Word Count: 2,784
Rating: PG-13 (?)

Please, could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head.

    In my few, short years, I've found 'destiny' to be a burden of the highest regard.
    Those who continue to romanticize this concept we call 'destiny' are fools, ignorant to its true extent. Destiny is not love that was just "meant to be"; destiny is not trekking the globe in search of humanity's next panacea; destiny is not a blessing. I, one who has felt the full scourge of this curse and will continue to feel it's singe for the rest of my days, equate Destiny to a silent thief in
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Vengeance {Gankutsuou} by moot3100 Vengeance {Gankutsuou} :iconmoot3100:moot3100 5 12
Something to Look Forward To {Real Finale}
"...Irene, I'm not so sure about this."
Jade Walsh, mere hours away from being Jade Kirkland, tied the final bow around her waist and looked to her friend in bewilderment and woe. Roughly five years had passed since her dearest companion and lover had asked to court her. Well, rather, to put marriage on layaway, planning to put a ring on it as quickly as he could. That was something she truly loved about him; how protective he was of her could border on insane, and yet she knew it was always in earnest. Jade recalled Kiku calling it 'tsundere'.
Irene stood a few feet away from her best friend, browsing through some bridal dresses in a dreamy daze. Never in a million years would she have pictured herself in this position. That evening, she would be attending a wedding--her own wedding! For years, she had been told her over the top and blunt personality would land her old and alone with a bajillion tabby cats scurrying around and spraying on her furniture, and after awhile,
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Only At The Pet Shop (Russia x Reader)
"Hey _______!" One of your female coworkers flagged you down on the way to the front desk. She was nice to be around, but loved to gossip. "What's up?"
"Have you seen the customer at the door? He's totally hot!"
Seeing your confused look, she tugged on your sleeve and pointed (So rude!) As your (e/c) eyes met his, you couldn't help but blush lightly. Oh my gosh…
            Standing right outside the glass doors was a tall, handsome man with a salmon scarf wrapped snugly around his stocky neck. Well, I assumed he was handsome. It was pretty hard to tell with his face smooshed up against the pane like that. He had these vibrant lavender eyes, only partially covered by the wispy tornado one might call hair. A bright and cheerful smile was plastered across his features.
As well as the glass.
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Enslaved Redemption (Sebastian x OC x Ciel) C4
 Trying my best to make a good impression, I curtsied. “I’m Ndele, a slave from the Pierre and Edgar Chantel estate. Due to…certain circumstances, I’ll be working alongside you for the next few months,” I explained. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”
    Still curtsying, I waited patiently for a response, easily the biggest mistake I’d made all day. After a few seconds of empty silence, I glanced up in slight confusion. I could tell from they’re reddening faces that they were extremely conflicted. Greet her, don’t greet her, greet her, don’t greet her… I would be angry that they’d have to stop and make such a decision, but I’m sure I’d be a little hesitant
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Enslaved Redemption (Sebastian x OC x Ciel) C3
Light shone through the tattered curtains, waking me up early the next morning. I blinked rapidly as I peeled the blankets off my body, recalling all of last night’s events. In just 24 hours, I’ve managed to get chased by the police, blackmailed by an adolescent, and gotten a completely new Master and household. Life really is interesting.
My legs were still a little sore from all of the running, but my head ache and dry throat had dissipated. Just as all doctors said, a good night’s rest was enough to remedy fatigue, not to mention I hadn’t slept on a real bed in about a month…
Making up my bed, I walked over to the clothes closet, fingering some of the brighter cloths. Sebastian had taken me to my room the night before, informing me that he would leave me some more suitable dress
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Enslaved Redemption (Sebastian x OC x Ciel) C2
The Young Master whipped around within seconds, rushing to the cargo hold and staring in slight amazement at me. I could tell what he was thinking just by looking at him: How did she get in my carriage without my notice? Any other day, I would have taken pride in my stealth. But right then, I was completely immobilized by their stares. Like an animal at an exhibit, I thought bitterly. Hanging my head in submission, I held out my wrists to them, waiting for the nostalgic chill of iron chains to bite into them-or worse.
Clearing his throat, the Young Master curtly ordered Sebastian to take me to his room, to which he quickly complied, forcing my arms behind my back as he lead the way through the trashy hotel. His grip on me was firm and unwavering—in fact, I’d step out on a
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Enslaved Redemption (Sebastian x OC x Ciel)
The cold breeze of winter whipped past me as I ran, air fogged by quick breaths, cobblestone damaged by heavy footsteps. For the third time since my journey began, someone had recognized me from all of the fliers pinned up around the surrounding estates, and a generous amount of policemen had tracked me down, intimidating Dobermans at their beck and call.
I'd learned early on it'd be best to keep to the shadows, as not everyone here was as softhearted as my dear Master. Even now, I notice all of the citizens glancing over at the commotion and frowning in distaste. Not because of Scotland Yard's greatest officers chasing a supposed criminal, but just because of my appearance.
    I've learned the hard way that I'm filth.
On his very deathbed, he'd told me to try my best to stay hidden until all wa
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A Family (Russia, Belarus, and OC)~Request
            “You can’t run from my any longer, big brother. Why won’t you just marry me?”
            I stood on my employer’s top stoop, listening to was happening behind the wooden doors and glancing around in anxiety. I was quite a surprise when Russia called me. Not because he didn’t talk to me much—the contrary, actually. It was because it three in the morning on a week night, another World Meeting scheduled for the next day. Sighing, I brushed some stray hairs away from my tired eyes and answered the phone.
            “M-Moscow! Thank goodness, you picked up…” I heard Russia’s voice on the other line, talking in a hushed tone. If I was mistaken, he sounded a little
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 9 47
Harvesting- Chapter 3 (Onceler x Reader)
    As you can guess, breakfast was very…awkward, to say the list. Pancakes were eaten in tense silence, the only sound being heard my rapid heart beat and Gracie licking her unmentionables.  Every now and then, I’d steal a quick glance at Onceler, as if making sure his eyes hadn't changed while I wasn't looking.
    It doesn't make any sense, I thought, grabbing the truffula syrup and pouring the murky liquid over my flapjacks. How could that sweet, innocent Onceler I’d come to know suddenly turn into…that? When he came to my farm, he was in tears...but which one of him was crying? The logical choice would be the shy, blue-eyed Onceler, seeing as that one seemed more in tune with his emotions (Maybe a little too in tune, if you catch my drift). And yet, I think the bolder, green-eyed version of him could have also been crying that night. But why...?
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Only At The Pet Shop (Japan x Reader)
“Hey ______!” One of your female coworkers flagged you down on the way to the front desk. She was nice to be around, but loved to gossip. “What’s up?”
“Have you seen the customer at the door? He’s totally hot!”
          Seeing your confused look, she tugged on your sleeve and pointed (So rude!) As your (e/c) eyes met his, you couldn’t help but blush lightly. Oh my gosh…
    A short man stood in the doorway, chocolate eyes scanning the signs carefully. A mop of short, jet-black hair fell perfectly across his face, providing an almost thrilling aura of mystery to leer over him. His complexion resembled that of the most expensive porcelain dolls, and his t
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Ask The BTT! Chapter 1
    If you have read the introduction, then you know about the three men currently residing in my house. France, Prussia, and Spain, known by many in the Hetalia universe for their unique personality and almost sinful charm they have on both men and women alike. You’d think that young men such as them would know how to wake up a lady. Instead of just stopping at a tap on the shoulder and ‘Good morning’, they would go the extra mile and make that special lady a bed in breakfast, just to show how much they care…
    Yep, they don’t do that.
    There I was, innocently curled up in my favorite furry blanket, unaware of the three complete knuckleheads scheming over me. Or, rather two complete knuckleheads and one indecisive one.
    Prussia kneeled beside my bed, looking at my peaceful expression with a chuckle. France and Spain sat at the foot of the bed, eyes flickering between
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Harvesting- Chapter 2 (Onceler x Reader)
    “Like this, _______?”
    “No, you dope! Like this!”
    About a month had passed since I last met the Onceler. This infamous villain had been known for slaughtering of the trees for both profit and other personal gains.  Since his arrival, he had made smiley-face pancakes, practically inhaled three packs of marshmallows, and was currently helping me to trim a truffula tree, all the while wearing my frilly, pink apron. He insisted on wearing it to help keep away, and I quote, the “creepy crawlies”. Isn’t he in his twenties?
    I was standing behind him, hands firmly planted on my hips, coaching/scolding him through trimming a truffula tree by himself for the first time. I’ve never had a kid, but I think this is a lot how potty-training a toddler is.
    When I first told him we were gonna do some small pruning, guess what toll he
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 121 57
Make My Day (France x Reader) [CONTEST ENTRY]
24 hours
            “I am home, everyone!”
    My hoarse voice boomed throughout the whole mansion, subtly shaking the floorboards as I trudged through the large, mahogany doors. There was no response, no sound: Not the scuffle of shoes scuffing the ground, or the dull hum of a distant conversation, or any other sign of human life. I’d be foolish for guessing there would be. Just the sound of my own voice bounced back to me, like an old friend I’d always tried to ignore.
    Sitting down my suitcase, I made my way upstairs to my bedroom, the darkest, dankest part of the entire house. In that room, nothing had been changed or moved since that day. Even the clock was stopped, as if it could preserve the same feeling it released the morning of my wedding. On the wall, it proudly displayed the time it was that morning: 8 o’clock sharp. Definitely not six,
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 75 96
With You Always (Iceland x OC) ~Request
            “Ugh…I feel terrible…”
            “Shhh, just lie down and get some rest, sweetheart.”
    It was supposed to be a great day. All the luggage was packed, the expenses paid. Everything was planned.
    Except for me getting sick, that is.
    A full week before the incident, I had been going out for dinner with my two best friends, Faroe Islands and Aland Islands. This was sort of like a Girls’ Night Out for us, since we hadn’t gotten a chance to meet up because of work. So this was meant to be a peaceful time, and if you’ve ever watched Hetalia, you’d know that peace is not available with us countries.
    We had been sitting around the table then, leafing through the fancy, laced menu. I had been the one doing most of the ta
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Harvesting (Onceler x Reader)
    Beep beep. Beep beep. 
    The melodious song of your alarm clock blared beside you, the mere volume of the sound shaking the nightstand. With squinted eyes, you fumbled around in the darkness for your glasses. You pushed them up the bridge of your nose and looked at the time. Six in the morning. Fan-flippin'-tastic.
    Silencing the noisy device, you stood, running a hand through your messy (h/c) locks. I hadn’t intended to get up this early, especially on a Saturday, you thought to yourself, tired beyond belief.
    For the past few weeks, you’d been working tirelessly to care for your truffula farm. These eerie-looking clouds have been floating by lately, and all of the neighboring farmers down south had been telling you tales of woe about their now-massacred truffula trees.
    “Truffula tree killings? Who would do something like that?” You
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 183 32
Just some stuff I made on a whim... Comment if you wish (Which you do)....


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