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Digging 2018-20XX Plans

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 10, 2018, 4:38 AM
  • Listening to: Hanz Zimmer/Shea/Klebe - Planet Earth II OST
  • Eating: "Dinner" if I finished writing this last night

Considering on returning to monthly or bi-monthly journal writing because I may need this. Have to hit creativity for once. I swear it's not cuz of the DA Core, b-baka

So let's see what I have for this year's to-do-list...
:pointr: Have to freaking graduate this year aaaa I need guts to move forward to the final test.

Looking forward to the page & word counter once I'm finished with this thesis.

:pointr: Hopefully finishing this collab part instead of letting Op034 waiting for months just not 2 more years plz me plz

PvfP3nV.png (1366×768)
If I could get one cent everytime I post new screenshots, I'd kill it so bad.

:pointr: Planning for next possible big project. Most importantly: use non-copyright music. 
    I do have music candidates for this already, though I still have to select them to find which one suits my needs, and have to embed the music rhythm in my soul. Got baffled by my two 4 mins of anim projects getting copyright claims, even worse for RHG one - it got blocked in 5 countries including USA.

0RZYesX.png (975×611)
Bummer, but YouTube's automated detection always got it right. But...why USA.

:bulletred: Interestingly, Phaxtolgia managed to bypass the country block (he lives in USA) by using Opera. Might want to spread the word but *yaaawns, it's been nearly a year old so dunno.
Holy shikes. Opera, you're an unsung hero everyone will need for YouTube mass copyright block in the future.

:pointr: Oh yeah, I keep delaying the interactive Flash version of my RHG battle. Basically for clickity click, fun-fun, and extras purpose. It isn't that hard to be honest. All I gotta do is to make all text as buttons, put invisible box under each buttons, then copy-paste AS2 codes from my previous interactive Wolverine Origins as well as editing it accordingly.

lmMp9RS.png (1366×768)
Once upon a time. there was a girl trying to be relevant by fighting a veteran RHG. One da- oh nevermind you knew both sides of story.

:pointr: Emerald's updated animated demo and reference sheet when. I'm sorta doing the latter at the moment, but something I know, it's gonna be either like this:

Gildedguy Model Sheet by gildedguy
Character drawing from different angles (Gildedguy Model Sheet), or...

Lariat Reference sheet by Zeurel
THIS seemingly ambitious monster (Lariat Reference sheet). Okay thank God DA Journal knows its limits, I was worried I had to show the image to waaaaay down this journal.

:pointr: New DeviantART-ID picture? I was planning to do it when I cut my hair buut months later, I got my hair back. No point maybe... 'cept the fact I don't wear that square-y outer anymore.

Brain-fart over. If you managed to read down to this line, then spread this journal link to one person that's precious to you for Valenti- naaah. No need to be honest, you get my lovely thanks and that should be enough. Also, this to-do-list is not in order, I'm just following how my brain-fart works.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Howdy, folks.

Few things about me:
:bulletred: I mostly upload digital arts and few stick figure animations (cause I'm a proud Stickpage & Hyun's Dojo user 8-)).
:bulletwhite: A proud psychology student at 4th best state university on Indonesia. Gotta finish that boo- I mean, thesis.
:bulletblue: I'm currently using mostly Flash CS6 for animations and nowadays onto Premium Infinite Painter what a worthy drawing app. Semi-loyal stick figure collaboration participant, trying to crawl back into activity and finishing my goddamn 1st RHG battle.
:bulletpurple: Loves watching comedies, playing games, watching YouTube, draw, animate, procrastinate, draw-animate again, and sleep.
Ow, and SNACKS. I LOVE SNACKS, except those spicy ones. *eats popcorn*
:bulletyellow: I mod C3WhiteRose's stream! Check this guy right here:
:bulletpink: + sometime CamilaAnims's stream:
:bulletblack: Voice actress wannabe. Still in learning process.

Think that's all by now, welcome to my gallery. :D

Also give some visits and :heart: to my best amigos over here~

RIP JV-Vengeance and rRATCHETt, they will be missed... somewhere out there.


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