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Apple iSuck

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Personally I have nothing against Apple. I did this on request for a good friend of mine who is an old skool Linux geek.
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Windows FTW, Mac is shit!
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I think Apple ][ was great, so were Mac OS 1 - 9. But OSX sucks.

I'm an old school Microsoft geek.
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good job bro :D
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LVCIllustrationsHobbyist Digital Artist
"PC Users: Putting down Mac users for not staying the course".
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Feel free to do what you will. As I said when I posted this; it was on request for a friend, who uses Linux.
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candygirl21489Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Oh, we suck? Let's make super offensive commercials about windows!"
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Turned this into a background for my Zune HD
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lol so true.
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purloProfessional Digital Artist
I hate apple YAY!
and Linux is the most perfect operating system on earth
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I wholly concur. :)
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purloProfessional Digital Artist
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Nice work !
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To be perfectly honest, I hate apple. So I love this pic!

They're useless to me, and not just because I am a gamer. Why would anyone shovel out more money on an overpriced, underpowered machine, when a PC can be completely customizable, and more powerful for significantly less?
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I dislike Apple, plus Microsoft, their ways and it's prices.
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Those statements are almost as uninformed as saying they're for "people that don't know how to use computers". Almost.
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Because people are dumb, obviously. ;D
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but not true... :)

who's that geek friend of yours...?!

i would have chosen diffrent font though, i'll send it to ya.
moosticks's avatar wouldn't know him. ;) He actually chose the font, because it was used in this image:


Thanks guyses.
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oh I see...

well, it does not fit now :)

cause i said so...
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Haha, he said to me in his brief (regarding type faces) "I want something retro...something like this!" then sent me that link. All I could think at the time was the Tool lyric.."Fuck retro anything..". Gave me a chuckle. He likes it though, and I guess that's all that really matters! :)
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very nice. ^^
but leaf should be inversely (to right).
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I know, it's the wrong way on purpose. :)
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