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Reverse Lens Tutorial

To be able to read the tutorial, please click on it to increase its size, you can also download it for full view.

There is one more thing I need to add to the tutorial:
It is important to know that besides the narrow DoF, lighting can be an issue with reversed lenses too. You need a lot of light in the motive with a reversed lens, so if you are not outside in daylight you must use your flash most of the times, at least whenever shoting moving subjects.
Also you need to move the lens really really close to the motive, somewhere between 1cm to 8cm is where I usually find the focus point, depending on focal length.
So you might end up creating a flash diffuser, just like I did. I found this tutorial in a quick search here, but there are many ways to do it: [link] .
Without a diffuser you might have the problem, that the front end of the lens drops a shadow on the motive when using the internal flash.

Ok, this is a lot of text, but I wanted to create a tutorial about the reverse lens technique that really covers most questions one can think of.

I decided not to feature any of my own photos here, but redirect you to the group #Reverse-Lens-Macro. You can find a lot of reverse macros in its gallery.

As always, I would appreciate it a lot if you :+fav: this work and/or comment on it.
Copyright protected work by Moosplauze 2012 - Ask for permission first if you want to use my works.
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Adding to my howto favorites. Thank you.
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Even though I own a Nikon d5100 with its 18-55mm kit lens, this is a helpful guide.  Thanks for explaining!
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Yeah, it is pretty much the same for a Nikon, have fun! :)
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Can extension tube be used with reverse prime lens? Or is that to be attached to macro lens only?
Moosplauze's avatar
Ugh...not sure what exactly you mean...

In order mount any reversed lens on your cameras body, you must have a "reverse lens adapter", which is basically a piece of metal which has a thread on one side and the camera body connection (i.e. bayonet fitting) on the other side. The thread fits your lenses thread, which is normally used to attach filters etc. This is the same way for any lenses that you can normally fit on your camera, as you can see I use the only lens I own, which is the kit lens (18-55mm).

I don't use any extension tubes with this technique, as that would even further increase the difficulties which one is already facing using this technology (lighting and shallow DoF).

Did I answer you question?
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Understood. That was helpful. Thanks a lot.
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You're welcome, glad I could help. :)
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I was impressed...   You did an excellent job on your tutorial!!!
Moosplauze's avatar
Thank you, nice to hear! :)
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oooooh ... can't wait to try this!!
... just out of curiosity (i use canon cameras as well) can the reverse lens kit be purchased through canon or or should i check other equipment sites?
I have searched the web looking for a protection ring for my canon t3i 18-55mm and I am unable to find one. Is it called something else? Also I have found a ton of different reverse lens adapters but is there one specific brand that you would prefer?
yamori-san's avatar
im having the same problem, i cant find one. have you had any luck since you posted this comment?
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This is a wonderful tutorial. I know little to nothing about lenses and techniques for using them and I could easily understand this!
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Faved...Great tutorial...!
Been shooting reverse to and fro...since the eighties...
Finally got a digital "body" a few years ago...
Have to take greater care of dust in these...
Thank you for link...Jakob.
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Thanks for this useful tutorial.:+fav: I've heard before for the reverse lenses, but I didn't know how to "reverse it" :giggle:. I adore macro photography and I'll try to buy reverse lens adapter and protection ring.
Thanks again :hug:
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You are very welcome, I am happy to have provided some useful information for you. Good luck and fun with macro photography! :)
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Just wondering if I can also submit this to the photo taking tips folder I have at my group? I sent a request to you for that. It is very useful.
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You definately can! I already accepted the request and am happy each time this is favourited, because I might have recruited a fellow reverse lens macro photographer by that! :D :iconcheerplz:
FallesenPhotography's avatar
I myself am going to try it.
Moosplauze's avatar
That's great to hear! :+devwatch:
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