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Hi there!
So, this is going to sound crazy stupid, but I'm trying to meet more artist friends and just expand my bubble in general within the artist community.

What are some functioning art websites with a decent amount of users?
I am on here (obviously), Twitter, Instagram, and FurAffiinity
But, none of those seem to hold my interest for very long besides here and Twitter


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 7:45 AM

I cannot stand any of the art that I make recently. Like, I'v gotten art blocks before, but those were more or less that I had no motivation to draw and simply couldn't. I can draw right now, but my anatomy and proportions are way off and its driving me fucking insane. It's like ever since my tablet busted and I was forced to draw on paper instead of there being a choice I just can't do it. I can draw the occasional chibi, but anything other than that is garbage.


I'm ranting

Chance to Get Free Art!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 8, 2018, 1:20 AM

Okay, so I don't have much/any art that I can work on currently due to the fact that my tablet is still out of commission.
So! To keep up this roll I've been on with drawing and posting art I would like to host a small giveaway!

Note: This is not a first come first serve type deal. Please do not complain if you are not chosen! I will be hosting these more often in the future so just keep commenting!

How to Enter

Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark Have either a reference sheet or a detailed pictures that accurately shows design and colors!
Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark Comment below with your reference sheet
Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark You have to be watching me! I will check!
Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark This isn't a requirement, but it would be nice if you could tag a friend! 

And thats it!
The main point of this is so that I can get some practice with drawing different designs and maybe even species.

Examples of What You Can Win

Art Critique?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 5, 2018, 11:00 PM
Hi! So, I haven't been able to get any commissions at all, and I won't complain!
However, what do you think could be done about my art to fix this issue?

Only constructive criticism pls ♥  

Please don't be mean! ;w;

Thank you ♥

Hi There!

Wed Feb 14, 2018, 12:27 AM
Friendly reminder that I am always looking for new characters!
So, if you have any adoptables that you think I might be interested in- please, let me know!
The main reason for this journal is because I no longer have sona ;; and I feel kinda empty.
And it's not that I don't feel attached to my characters anymore, they're my kids, I just don't personally relate with any of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


I didn't even know what animal jam was

And now apparently I'm stealing my username from some guy on youtube named WooshieWoo


End my suffering
Okay, so as some of you may know I deleted most of my art that I've done over the years.
Including almost all of my art of Coy Koi.

If any of you have saved any art of her, like a reference sheet or something you have done, could you please send it to me in note form?
I really want to bring this character back to life and would like art of her from the past- including my own.

If you can, please help me out!
Okay, so I'm barely active on here but all of the art that I owe is being worked on and will be uploaded in bulk when finished.

Til' then, I'm extremely active on my Twitter and Youtube! Please show me some love ♥

What Are Some of Your Fav Canine Poses?

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 16, 2017, 4:25 PM

I'm doing a bunch of journal dolls for someone, and I can't seem to come up with any canine poses I haven't done 10,000 times over. 

Comment some of your favs!


dA Username: MooshieMoo

Name: Tiffany 

Nicknames and/or Preferred Names: On here, call me any variety of my usernames! 

Country: USA

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Number of Past Accounts: 1  

Number of Past Usernames: 4  

First Username: Silverwingedwolf1 lol

Original Join Date: June 6, 2011 for this acc,  July 9, 2010 for the first one

Premium Member?: Mhm

Watchers: 291 

Deviations: 71

Favorites: 2,119


Favorite Digital Art Program: Corel Painter Essentials 5 and MS Paint

Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Coloured Pencils

Favorite dA Artists: BronzeHalo and corgimancy 

Favorite Movies: Hellraiser series, Stand By Me

Favorite TV Shows: If any, probably Greys Anatomy 

Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Danger Doom (Or any other affiliations I.E. MF Doom, MF Mouse, Madvillain), Cattle Decapitation, Aesop Rock, anything by Lapfox Trax. I'm all over the place.

Fandoms You're Stuck In: One Punch Man, One Piece, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, and Blood C. I think I got them all.


Sexual Orientation: Pan

Religious Affiliation: Questionably optimistic 

Pets: A cat (Peaches), a lab and a doberman (Piper & Icie), and a gerbil (Jupiter) 

Number of Family Members in Household: 2

Scars?: I scar real easy so a bunch. Cat scratches, slamming my finger in my car door, one on my wrist for removal of skin

Tattoos?: Soon!

Piercings?: My ears are gauged

Alcohol?: Want nothing to do with it 

Drugs?: Nah. 

Height: 5'2" lol 

Weight: 130-140 Ibs. It moves around


Digital or Traditional?: Digital 

Beach or Mountains?: Mountains.

Dolphins or Sharks?: Dolphins

Would you rather fight 100 third graders or one at a time? I'd rather not

On sunny days, you: Tan

On rainy days, you: Sleep if I'm not working

On hot days, you: Go running

On cold days, you: Hot chocolate and video games


1) Front desk worker at a hotel 

2) I love people

3) I drive a green VW beetle

4) Im a good cook 

5) I play the cello

6) I own a ton of gaming systems 

7) I can sing

8) Lover of horror 

9) I get emotionally attached to fictional characters lol 

10) I love pistachio scented anything


How many OCs do you have?: Uhh, 14 I think

What fandom do most of them belong to?: None of mine are 

Which one is your favorite?: That's tough. Probably Silence or Zidayne

Which one do you draw the most?: All over this journal

Do you request work of them?: Not often, but I really would love to receive more art of them!

Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own?: I ship a lot of mine with KrunchDaddy 

Do you roleplay with them?: I haven't RPed in ages, but I'd like to

How do you keep track of them?: I've had the same basic ones for a long time

Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance?: Nah


When did you get into art?: I was a teensie thing 

What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?: DeviantART, and Furaffinity 

Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand:  My Wolf Art By Xxdemonblackwolfxx by MooshieMoo Good old 2010

What defines your artistic style?: Nothing probably

What levels of artistic education have you had?: Took some college courses

What do you like most about your art?: Pixels

What do you like least about your art?: How nothing I ever do looks finished

Have you ever considered taking commissions?: I do!

Are you looking to pursue a career in art?: No

What do you like drawing the most?: Animals and scenery 

What do you like drawing the least?: Humans and wings

Do you draw more fanart or original art?: I'd have to say more original

What would you absolutely refuse to draw?: Anything super kinky (I.E. Vore, Diaper fetishes, tickling, etc.)

What is your purpose for drawing?: It's just a hobby

What medium/program do you use the most in your art?: Corel Painter Essentials 5 and MS Paint

List at least one of your “art inspirations”: Tbh some of the artists on here. A lot of the pixel artists on here especally 

What do you think you could stand to improve on?: Having my own unique style, and lineart definitely. 

Are There Any Open Contests?

Journal Entry: Thu May 18, 2017, 10:18 PM

I just want something to help with my art!
If you have/know of any open contests please let me know!!

Also, old journal skin until I make a new one


Journal Entry: Sat May 13, 2017, 11:16 PM

Testing out a journal skin!

why wont my text turn white omg