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hey mama wolf...

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I wonder what's the background story for the boy how'd he get adopted by a wolf.
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aw man this is just too cool. oooohhh how I love this.
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. . . :) but I Love this more than most
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I love this. Devendra banhart?
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How cute ¦3
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lily-day's avatar we always knew Red Riding Hood should have ended.
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The original story ended like this.
oONanami-ChanOo's avatar
I thought in the original story the wolf just ended up eating everyone?
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simple and wonderful. makes it very emotive :). all your work seems to have very real story of its own. makes its very easy to be drawn into each piece.
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reminds me of perrin from those books by robert jordan~~~
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your use of simple lines and abit of colour works excellent here !! it's really easy on the eyes and great to look at.
i love how the red on the person's face also comes back in the background and on the wolf.

:heart: you made me smile again
keep up the amazing work!!
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featured your work here : [link]
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i really like how you did the fur
the whole thing looks so wonderful
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simple and really gorgeous! nice work :D
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Quietly gorgeous.
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