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Me and ma shaveded head.

New ID as all the pics i have of me are OLD.

I have a hawk aswell.
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xCocaineKisses's avatar
I faved this ageees ago but never commented so I'll do that now. :'D
I love how these types of hairstyles look. <3
I really don't think I'd ever do it, simply because I can see me getting bored with it in like a week and then exploding when my hair doesn't grow back as fast as I'd like it to. xD
And speaking of that, what happens if you want to grow it back out? Because if it's shaved, that means when it grows in, you'd have to either let it be really uneven for a long time, or you'd have to cut all of your hair really short. o:
MooseHam's avatar
Thing is, when it grows in its really even. If you Flat-shave it which is what i do. It grows back with no hassle. c:
I always think the juxtaposition of long hair against very short hair is quite pretty.
If you do it in the right place it wont look odd at all. c:
xCocaineKisses's avatar
Ohh, okie. c:
I want to try it really badly, not all over, but just a little, but my mom said if I did it, she'd just make me shave all of it and wear a wig. I don't want to wear a wig. BC
NastyMeowMeow's avatar
not only am i amazed at your hair, i'm jealous. and i'm also jealous of your walls and your hoodie O.o
MooseHam's avatar
Thankyou ^-^
Thats very flattering <3
La-Fenetre's avatar
MooseHam's avatar
Thankyou so much! <3
mitsuki13chan13's avatar
nice face. <3
daaaang, i wish that i could shave my head;; i told my mum i wanted it like that [similar, at least] and she started tellin' at me. .__.U i'll wait 'till i move out. xD
MooseHam's avatar
Well i previously asked my mum if i could shave my head and she went mental at the idea.
But i wanted to do it so badly i just ended up going for it.
Surprisingly when she saw it she quite liked it.

My mum is a strange lady.
mitsuki13chan13's avatar
i asked her and she flipped. D; i don't have the guts to do it myself, either. xD my mum's all for me being a normal, straight-laced gal. >___>;;
MooseHam's avatar
Well same a few years ago, but i just went for it.

Rebel yeah!
SonderSays's avatar
Sick as man :0 Nice style
MooseHam's avatar
Thankyou ^-^
Cheers for the fave aswell!
peace-love-and-me's avatar
Oh.Mah.Gawsherss! I luvvvvvv your hair!(:
MooseHam's avatar
Thankyou so much!
It took alot of balls to shave it off ! xD
peace-love-and-me's avatar
You're very welcome(:
&&I bet.xD
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