Good Riddance!

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I have purged my gallery of all images that collaborated on with Ethan Van Sciver. His vile and bigoted rhetoric has no place in a decent society, and his work doesn't deserve this platform.

Thank you for your time.
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Good call, stick to your principles buddy!
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I'll certainly try. Thanks. :)
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So you, a complete stranger, are coming here to criticize me and call me names? I would call you the vile stereotype of a ComicsGater. Nana boo boo.

And you say "SJW" like it's an insult. Meanwhile, your page is covered with drawings of SJWs. You know, super-heroes? Hypocrite.

Listen, I realize puberty can be rough. When you're done with it in a few years, come back and we'll talk like civilized adults.
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Dude, don't claim to be an admirer or a fan. If you were, you'd never have come at me like that. I did nothing to you, yet you come here and insult me? Comicsgate is dumb, yet you still call me an "SJW"? You're not with Comicsgate? Then why exactly did you attack me? You're a liar, and not a very good or intelligent one. What's truly sad is that you think you can one-up me, or anyone for that matter.

You're a terrible artist and a shit human being. Fuck off, you little troll.
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Yes, thank GOD for Kyle Ritter! He's doing the LORD'S work! Coloring Cybertoad! Praise BE!

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