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I'm taking commissions, both digital and hand-colored. Give me a shout for prices.


"The best artist on the book is not Ethan Van Sciver, it’s not Ivan Reis. It’s Moose Baumann, arguably the best colorist in comics. I’m convinced that his colors could make stick figures look like they have life and dimension. He could make me look like an artist. Yes, Ethan and Ivan do an amazing job bringing these huge battles to life, but Moose! Moose just makes them come flying off the page, bringing them to life in a way that is equaled by very, very few colorists in the business. And I must say, the lighting of Coast City is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen rendered in comics."

Chris Hansbrough, Silver Bullet Comic Books

"...I really have to give a special shout-out to Moose Baumann, whose work here is just crucial to the look of the book. The way he draws the Green Lanterns' powers, with a mixture of ethereal and fiery effects, really captures the nature of those powers, and given how much of this book is by necessity drenched in green, it says something that Baumann retains subtle shadings and clear, bright colors all the while."

Randy Lander, The 4th Rail

"Moose Baumann has made his mark with Green Lantern. As gorgeous as Ivan Reis' art is on this title, Baumann further enhances it. He's not just a “colorist,” but rather an integral part of the overall package. It doesn't seem to be enough to say that from the cover to the interior, each page he embellishes is better than the next, but rather each page is an explosion of color that you're amazed at the work. More than anything else, you can consider Baumann one of the main reasons this book is as good as it is. Just look at that second page to see that."

Kevin T Brown, Silver Bullet Comic Books

"Baumann is one of the top colorists working in the industry today and his work on METAL MEN is, in my opinion, his finest work yet. I really thought there was no way he could top his work on GREEN LANTERN, but here it is. Baumann is an artist at the top of his game."

Prof. Challenger, Ain't It Cool News

"...And while we're on the subject of bloodshed, one simply cannot discuss the merits of this book without mentioning the book's strongest team asset: the truly stunning colors provided by Moose Baumann. Kirk and Riggs' art is strong enough on its own and kind of reminds me of a grittier version of Mike Zeck during his Punisher days, but Baumann adds fleshy texture and weight to the proceedings and the results from finished B/W illustration to fully-colored are simply incredible. The gory effects are rendered in reds that are redder than red, sort of like the buckets of Sherwin-Williams surplus on display in the Lone Wolf and Cub movies, and drip with a palpable viscosity."

Steve Bunche,

Good Riddance!

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I have purged my gallery of all images that collaborated on with Ethan Van Sciver. His vile and bigoted rhetoric has no place in a decent society, and his work doesn't deserve this platform. Thank you for your time.
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Hey folks. I've been out of sorts for a while due to health issues. I'll be uploading a few new-ish things shortly. Hope you've all been well.
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Please scroll down for details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
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Moose, it’s Kate! Call, email, text, SOMETHING!

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wow! your gallery is great !! hat the artist !!  :iconhappyfellaavatar:
Been a fan for many many years.  His prints still decorate my son's room.  Hope to purchase some newer items soon.