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After so many people saying to me on here in the past 'Hey where is Audrey Hepburn in your icons series' I finally buckled under the pressure ;)

Now I really don't get the whole deal with Audrey at *all*, I mean I don't think she is no where near as glam as la Mazza (and that comes down to my theory that tragedy=glamour) and whilst Audrey Hepburn had a pretty tragic death (however it was at a 'good' age, whatever *that* is), she died of natural causes and it wasn't really premature. Also, she seemed pretty much in control of her life and career (from what I know) whereas the type of icons I like are the ones that were tragically glam - ie. Marilyn, Judy et al and were on some sort of 'celebrity' rollercoaster.

There's me explaining myself again :blush: < hopes he has covered all angles>

Anyway I hope all you Audrey fans enjoy the image. I don't really know a lot about her, so I don't know what colour is 'her' or what sort of person she was. And to be honest I don't really care either lol - although I must say she looked **FAB** in 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' which I found dull beyond all belief. I think the only film I ever liked her in was 'My Fair Lady'. And then that should really have been Julie Andrews in that role anyway...but ENOUGH ranting!

This image took me BLOODY ages to draw - the pc kept crashing and then I changed the background from several ginger kittens faces to circles, and also the whole crop changed and then the text positioning - THAT was murder. Now, the more I look at her the more I like her whole look. Maybe my opinion is changing - I got the quote from 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' too, and anyone who says "Hand me my purse, would you, darling" is a friend of mine! hehe
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This picture is great, I love Hepburn's style. I think it would be funny though if it said "You look like my brother Fred. Do you mind if I call you Fred?"