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Bootleg Bash C++ Game



Click DOWNLOAD to get .exe and source!
Gameplay video
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

August 30th Update! Added joystick support!

This will be updated once more once I get the Linux and Mac binary from somebodies. It does work in Wine.

There's also a ~bonus~ manual included

Player 1: Name
WASD to move, Q and E to attack

Player 2: Princess Plum
IJKL to move, U and O to attack

Player 3: Wonky Monkey
Arrow keys to move, Shift and Ctrl to attack

Player 4: Phonics
Numpad arrows to move, Enter and 0 to attack

Down blocks, up jumps, + and - modify damage multiplier (beta only).
F4 quits,
F5 toggles fullscreen.

Might download XPadder so you can use some gamepads.

* Four-player (single-computer) competitive gameplay
* Eight semi-familiar characters
* Six maps
* Delicious food
* Poop
* Mario-Paint composed soundtrack!
* Sexy sound effects generated with SFXR
* Blood!
* Brief rear nudity! (in the manual!)
* NES-style manual included (Manual.pdf) - will be updated
* Completely mod-able! (aka, I was too lazy to put all the sounds/graphics files in a data file, plus, Open Source!)
* Horrible messy code

Programming, graphics, music by me
Music made with Mario Paint Composer
Sound effects generated with SFXR
Coded in C++ with the Allegro Game Programming library
Graphics done in Paint Shop Pro 6

* Tree impedes your path on the Ruin Gardens

The Independent Gaming Source Bootleg Demake Competition


Made with:
C++ and Allegro game programming library

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Not gonna lie, for someone who is obviously supposed to be a parody of crappy bootleg knockoffs, P. Plum is surprisingly cute...