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The Curb
When I was a child, I loved walking along the curb of the road like a circus performer walking on a tightrope. My father dismissed it as childish restlessness and unruly behavior, only one among a litany of sins I regularly committed, which include putting my feet on the dinner table, writing and carving on desks, getting my clothes soiled from leaning on all kinds of walls, tilting my chair backward and pulling it back just before I fall, and pouring water or milk full to the brim of the bowl to see if it spills. Some of these other actions were of a similar nature with my love of walking along the curb – I did them for the excitement of danger and uncertainty, and for the somewhat secret and triumphant joy of getting away with them without injury or trouble.
When walking along the curb, I tried to keep my feet on the narrow strip of concrete for as long as possible. When I fell to the sides, I immediately began again. One simply does not stop walking along the curb. Even when I
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A Ghost's Story
Ever did I dream of hearing the sea’s roar;
Never did I think I’d lie beneath the reef
With the sunken wreck far from the shore.
The evening before I left, the soup simmered
As I sat in the dim chamber; I watched my brother drag the net
From the river, all tattered and tangled with fish bones.
Our captain wore around his neck a single bone
From his friend’s corpse, as he grieved and cursed louder than the storm’s roar;
A cruel man he was, who whipped and chained us, and gave us fishnets
To wear as winter coats. Man’s sorrow and hate grew like the coral reef
That dragged him down where the water bubbled and simmered
From the hell fire in the deep, till he could never come ashore.
For the captain they dug a shallow grave on the shore;
For me an empty one marked by a withered branch. The bone
Around the captain’s neck they threw into the sea; anger simmered
Among the sailors; they hated it worse than the captain’s roar -
An evil token to send the
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In those years when pain became my entire seamless existence, I was at my wisest;
But my inner light did not exist for others, my lusterless shell pitilessly visible.
People love what is easy to love; they cannot bear to think more than that -
Moral imagination and empathy are dangerous, difficult and troublesome for most.
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From Edinburgh to London
Outside the corner of the window seat
dusk is coming on, the air is tinged
a thin yellow above the darkening sea;
sheltered by tall velvety seatbacks,
a perfect place to well up tears,
grow vague and absent and frown,
and fall again into the black mist
of the past, and think how we are
exquisitely broken -
my tear stains are like my mother's
tear stains, my smouldering pains
are like my father's smouldering pains.
Brooding gets me nowhere
this time, but God it seems has
sent me those tears, and I
am determined to do nothing
but cry – and tear up the stitches,
poke the wounds, see
if they are still deep. Funny how
I am the sad and dark one
of the three sisters, I who
always dream of the eternal light.
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glitter by Mooroflife glitter :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 2 An Gorta Mor by Mooroflife An Gorta Mor :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 0
sitting on the bench,
drinking beer and whiskey
in the damp, filthy shower room
at midnight, when everywhere else
the power was cut off,
complaining about life and
spinning narratives of our
personal histories - one of you
got drunk, wouldn't let go of the bottle,
held it so tight like it was
the key to life's mysteries.
this - the joy and consolation
of company on the long road
of toil and struggle,
not begged for or sought after,
but so graciously given.
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Got to take a leak in the woods –
This is a college, no matter,
I do as every other man does.
Then wander about and find someone to talk to.
Not sure this face is still attractive –
Or ever was, not getting any younger,
The belly grows more rotund by the day.
But this I have on is a nice polo shirt;
And the experience I have from –
Well, been around a few places –
Even the false ones, are invaluable to
Young girls in their twenties.
Boast so well you'll believe it's true.
The other day, saw two girls on the bus kissing,
Playing at being homosexuals –
Which is not something real –
If they can flirt like actors in movies,
Why can’t I too?
Better start dating, in case someone
Call me – what do you call it –
Gay. Which I’m not.
Accept women of all shapes and sizes,
Especially if they are young and pretty.
Better start dating again; but first,
Find someone to talk to.
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