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But the abyss is still here,
The sense of crumbling is still here;
Those who fought through the day
Lift their eyes only to see the nightfall:
Was not even aware of the North Star,
But now, seeing it taken down
And crumpled into a paper ball,
And set fire to to illumine the dark –
In the dim light, no longer the world I knew,
All around is a tragic sea.
And in your heart you repeat:
A horse, a horse,
My kingdom for a horse,
A horse to carry the drunken one
Across the black and windless sea.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 5
All the flowers have left my room
To burst in the sky like fireworks
Brighter than the sun, but at night
The stars rain on and on like icicles
Falling to the ground
The roads have molted and rolled away
But the river stays, coiling from stomach ache  
The trees are running from the hills
With their leaves disheveled
I hear their footsteps rustling
From far away they have come
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 5 0
The heart,
Like a stomach scalded by boiling water
Day after day,
Has acquired a cancerous wall
Of thick, hard tissues.
Day after day I have been lost
In a maze with you at the centre;
I have tried to find the door
And open it, but hey,
That I can’t do after all –
I have left you with this mystery,
Please don't solve it, for my sake.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 1 0
Empty, empty
Make a bargain with life:
Hoard nothing, leave no trace -
Is this happiness?
A flood of lemonade,
Some grains of stars,
And overnight snow:
No comment
On love, or life, or emptiness.
Beyond lies the white river
That my mind has crossed
Like a deer, to no avail.
Nothing on the other shore.
Empty, empty, sad and heavy,
Flooded with nothing;
Do not look back,
Do not look down
In wild uncharted territory.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 1 0
Once there was a giant who lived in a green country. The mountains in his land were tall and many - very tall, even for the giant. The giant was very vexed with the mountains, for they blocked his way and his view, and he hated them, and day after day he brooded on how to destroy them. Now that he was only a young giant, and still not giant enough to do harm to the mountains. So when some years had passed, and when he first felt that his strength and stature had matured, the giant set out to trample all the mountains into the land, till they became almost giant pits where the mountains once stood, and the whole place became one vast unbroken plain. Now that the giant became pleased indeed, and he marched forward to explore the unexplored lands. But he discovered that everywhere outside his own domain there were only mountains, chains and clusters of mountains stretching without end, and they were guarded by other Giants, so that he could not enter. Therefore the giant returned to his o
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rainy wintry England by Mooroflife rainy wintry England :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 0 spore by Mooroflife spore :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 6 0
In the twilight a bus went by.
“With that bus goes all my sorrows,”
Thought I, but it was not to be.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 1 0
Every night
sleep, and taste a little death
when I wake up again
it may well be seven thousand years past
and I
have risen from the dead
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 0
Si-Fi by Mooroflife Si-Fi :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 5 0
Apology to those four years:
Every step I took
I broke through concrete walls
In those four years that
Could have been golden.
I have come to love the North -
Red walls, pale skies, dark trees -
In those four years,
But they were hell for me,
And there was born my poetry.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 0
Ghost of Testimony
To go after one’s so-called dreams,
Not to transcend, like a church spire,
Beyond the human realm, but to merit
The company of others, to earn a place
In the herd, finding safety against the wolves of –
Of what? Silence? Oblivion? The fear
Of having no trace made, no will left to live? –
Surely not of death; but right now,
Others may have died, but one is somehow
Still alive, en route to endure
what millions have endured before us.
We will endure as all have endured before us.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 0
I hope someone will save me
I wish he will never come
I don’t want to lean on anyone’s shoulder
I will kneel on the hard ground
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 5 1
It is as if each day has been a year
And after centuries, I cannot
Comprehend my own past misery
Memories lurk
Ghosts of old selves
Collapse into present
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 4 3
Life will teach you all the lessons,
Life will break all your dreams –
Not breaking violently, shattering,
But with a most natural gesture
Brushing them aside, like sweeping
The autumn leaves off the street.
Beside your castle of vapor
You will build your little hut.
And there you will live,
And living you will know.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 3 6
Galway Bay by Mooroflife Galway Bay :iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 8 0


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