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Hello Madame, or Sir,
I've been running a DND game for about two years now, and its (finally) nearly finished.  I'd like to reward my players for their patience and the energy with which they have played through my story with a T shirt each (4 in all), that sums up their character in the story.  The issue is that I'm not an artist in that sense.  I could spend a lifetime trying and not be half as amazing at it as some of the artists I've seen here.  So I'd like to get a quote for these four drawings.  I don't need rights to produce, just the right to put each picture onto a T-shirt as a gift.  I'm looking for a roughly comic book art style, and in color.

As to the particulars:
Name: Brandon Lee Thompson
Country: USA, Tucson Arizona
Deviant Art Handle: Moorningstaar
Subject:  See below for each
Backgrounds:  All simple

Picture 1: Zornesk the Redeemer.  I need a pic of a Kobold floating against a simple background (perhaps a starscape?) He is wearing black and red plate armor.  His posture has his hands out and level at his sides, with his palms turned up.  His head is thrown back, and there is a halo around it.  (trust me, the character deserves it).  Above would say 'WWZD?'.  Below would say 'What Would Zornesk Do?'

Picture 2: Minerva the Angered.  This would be a picture of a strong woman in leather armor.  Her hands are demon claws, and she is sporting a set of silver dragon wings (Long story).  She should be on or amidst a pile of dead bodies, with blood still dripping from her claws.  This will have a thought bubble of her asking 'Why do they keep asking if its that time of the month?'.  I know, but the woman playing the character will think its hilarious.  This could be set to a simple sky background

Picture 3: Quagrim the Chaotic:  This would be of a gnome wearing chainmail under a green cloak and wearing a sheriffs hat.  He has a revolver in one hand.  I'd like his face to resemble Tony Montana (Al Pacino's character from Scarface).  Behind him is a large humanoid bunny wielding a Falchion.  His text is 'Say hello to my little friend!'

Picture 4:  Golbat the pantsed.  This is probably the hardest picture.  I need a montage of a blue skinned male character being killed by pants in various ways.  (Again, its a long story)  One would be of a lightning bolt arcing to a belt buckle.  Another would be of a goblin placing a bomb in his pocket.  Another would be of a plant monster dragging him towards its gaping maw with tentacles holding his pants.  Another would be of sentient pants he's wearing running him off of a cliff (not sure if you can do that with a still image).  Another would be of pants strangling him.  Another would be of his pants being caught in an underwater rock slide.  There would be one showing him hanging from the branch of a tree by pants that are currently tearing.  There would be one of him wielding a torch against a kobold; the torch caught his pants on fire.  And in the center would be a picture of this character standing face to face with a dragon (just the head would suffice.)  The clothing can change or remain the same for each instance.  And since these will be much smaller I don't want the same detail as the others.  These might even work best drawn comically.  I'd like the montage to be in the form of a caution sign.  The text for this will be ''Caution: For safety reasons, this shirt not to be worn with pants!'

Thank you for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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United States


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