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Marianne's Shy Classroom Feet (Fire Emblem)

By Moophro
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A second commission for an anonymous DeviantArt user, this time of the lovely Marianne von Edmund from Fire Emblem: Three Houses! =D This piece was loads of fun to draw, particularly Marianne's unique hair colour and that lovely plaited style in which she wears it (and her lovely feet, of course ^_^)

The client also requested a dirty feet variant, which was great practice for me in creation a variation on an existing piece =3 (Will be uploaded very soon!)

Hope y'all enjoy the picture! =3 Was fun to try to get into a different type of character's head for the captions this time =)
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Phenomenal stuff here, yo! Everything here is so lovely! The expression, the pose, the background but man those are some phenomenal looking feet! The shape of the soles, the way they are shaded, the shape of the toes... All lovely stuff! The shading on the clothes and the background are all pretty neat too!

All in all a great drawing!

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i really like when the girl really enjoy the feet worship but doesn't want to admit it or is shy about it , this is very cute and well done

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This is really good^~^
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Hope these three houses ones keep coming ^^

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Not too big a fan of her lips, but her feet look amazing! I cannot wait for the dirty version!

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Hehe yeah, I like my anime girls with big glossy lips but it's not for everyone x'D I may also have been neglecting my portrait practice to focus on feet... >.> Something to work on! >=3 Dirty version will be up tomorrow =)

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Looking forward to it! Will you continue to do Fire Emblem girls?

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I'm working through my commission backlog ATM, and this was the last Fire Emblem pic on there! But there are SO many great girls in those games and these pictures have gone down well with people, so I will definitely be drawing more at some point =)

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Looking forward to seeing who else you plan to draw.

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Very nice job! I love how she looks ^^

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Your draw deserve a mention.
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so cute 😮please make one of ingrid , felicia and tharja 😍👍

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Ingrid is one of my favs so it's possible I may draw her in future! =D SO many good girls in these games!

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yes too many waifus i love your artwork xD

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As perfect as always! Her cute demeanor and perfect soles make this an amazing picture, amazing work! ❤️

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Thank you so much =D I'm glad you like it!

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I really like your art style. Keep up the good work!

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Beautiful and cute Marianne ^^ Very well done!
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Awesome and lovely.

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Dirty feet variant coming soon as per the client's request! =) Hope y'all enjoy these.

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