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small world

I've heard this song long ago in a Disney tape, if i remember it right, the song was like this... "It's a small world after all..." and it kinda stuck in my head for like...forever.

I remembered hearing it in Shrek 1 too, in a parodic version. :rofl:

Anyway, I was asked to paint a picture for a children book's exhibition about different worlds, so here was what i came up with...Enjoy! :)
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WHOLY MOLY this is crazy!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
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your art is so amazing 
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I WANT THIS BIGGEEEERRRR 8DDD I need this as my wallpaper
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So pretty! I really like it!
You don't sell it as a bigger print?
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I love your art! so much, that I featured it in a blog post today, as i felt it illustrated what I was trying to say perfectly. I referenced you in the post: [link], if you are uncomfortable with this, let me know and I will remove it.
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its lovely :) thanks
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It's a world of darkness, a world of night. It's a world of shadows, a world with no light. It's a world that makes me cry, it's the world where we will die, it's a small world after all...
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I love it
Can i use for my new web site if i put your name on my blog?
Sorry for my english!


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beautiful! the colors are amazing and I love the details * w *
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This is amazing!
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This is so beautiful made. Your art is so beautifully done, and it makes me smile a lot :]
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beautiful execution of an extremely creative idea
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Hi there! :wave: Your beautiful work has been featured in my journal . :)
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This painting made me think of another one, but made by Gustav Klimt [link]
đọc lại thấy là Vn :P, đẹp quá bạn ơi :x
stunning! it's wonderful
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Wow! This is beautfiful! You are very talented!
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Maybe this is my very favorite of your pieces
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I love it! Beautiful
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