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every girl loves roses

This is the cover of a book for teenager, and the writer of it is... me :D how funny is that. Anyway, this is a book of short stories that i wrote since i was a teenager myself, and it's just published last week in my country. :boogie: :airborne:

Although this artwork is kinda too sweet for my taste (cheesy even :rofl: :rofl:) but i think it must be since it aims to the young readers, who certainly can use a little bit of sweetness for their young ages.

... :)
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I love the colors and composition of this piece. Beautiful.
I would love to read your book and the cover for it is amazing
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tên gì tên gì thế chị? :)
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Mọi cô gái đều thích hoa hồng, bên Nhà xuất bản Kim Đồng
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The texture and soft coloring in this is amazing.
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wow. it's wonderful !
like the colours.
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I´m so in love with this picture ! Your work is truly amazing !
May i ask if there is any place online, where to buy your book ?
I wouldn´t care if i couldn´t read it, i just can stare at the pictures ;)
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thank you. but i dont think they sell online ^^; glad to know you like it :hug:
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Tên của cuốn sách cũng là tên của bức tranh phải không? :)
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Wow!! you write books???? COOL!!!
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just short stories on love and teenage stuffs. it's a collection of stories i wrote when i was a teenager :)
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Nice! Did you ever publish it??? :)
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That sounds pretty amazing!

If it ever comes out in English, I'm interested
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Chị ơi. Sách tên là gì vậy? Còn stock ko? Bao h về em muốn mua
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Sách "Mọi cô gái đều thích hoa hồng". Có thể còn đó em. E lại chỗ nhà sách của NXB KIm Đồng ở TPHCM í. :)
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wow, you certainly are multi-talented!
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This very nice, and I'm happy your book got published. I hope mine will get published when I'm finished with it :D
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cool! :) wish u good luck
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You have been featured here
[link] - The News Article
[link] -On my Account
:meditate: As one of my artists of the week.

P.S. :+fav: the article so more people see your art!
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Thank you for the featuring :thanks: :hug:
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your welcome :heart: keep up the good work.
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I love the composition, and congrats on your publication! I must admit, I love the strange format for the book. Is there any particular reason you published it in such an out of the box size?
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