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December 9, 2011
best friends, wonderful, darkly whimsical work from *moonywolf. There are so many details to take in and I especially love the texture of the piece that gives it a very traditional feel. Please be sure to check out the rest of this artist's beautiful and stylistic gallery.
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best friends

a birthday thanks to everybody's kind words! :D :D
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Good evening, MoonyKhoa, and late night happy birthday shout out to you from California. I'm fourteen hours behind you here, just beginning a mid-morning Sunday.  It's very difficult to pick a "favorite" from all of your fantastic body of work. I'll pick this one for the moment; but they all convey a sense of mystery and untold hidden stories. Your technical mastery is indisputable; but it's the combination of humor, sadness, vague threat and mystery that runs through all of your art. Thank you for sharing for our inspiration and pleasure.
Cheers and best regards,
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wow, just wow. I love it. omg.....The idea is amazing. Childhoood and dead, the circle of life.what animal is that? a dinosaurier?
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This reminds me of two characters from The Runaways comic Gertrude and Old Lace only much darker:D Lovely
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Your work inspire me a lot!
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so... dark, and red!
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i love the feet and the bones...
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là illustration cho báo nào đó fải không chị?
anyway love it :)
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thanks e :) tranh này là personal artwork của c. A Duẩn thích nên lấy vào minh họa cho bài viết
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weird...n adorable. I love ur works
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I like It , This picture is located in the heart February milk tea
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Wow, I love this!!!
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I really like the color scheme of this painting. The shading is very pretty and looks as if you spent a lot of time on it. It's also very illustrative and tells story.
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soo awesome!!!(:
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Oh, I was looking at DD and found that you got one, all my congratulations for this reward :hug: This piece is so original and well done :heart:
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i like the way she's sitting :) cool
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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what an artistic skill!

it first appears creepy, but somehow... she looks so lovely .... :rose:
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This is just awesome, I love it.
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very nice and beautiful <3
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