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(NEW) Art Den

After some chats with friends I realized I need to adjust my prices for how long these comms take! This is still very much in beta as I try and get my styles down pat. Prices will fluctuate- but I usually go overboard so every piece will be worth every penny and more ;) Art Commissions -You do not have to buy a set for rites/etc, one image per order is also fine! -Payment is due upfront and in full. Once the payment has been sent the order is final and I will begin your commissions shortly. -Refunds are only placed if I am unable to complete your commission within a reasonable time. (Estimates on wait times will be given at order placement.) -Wait times will vary depending on your order (i.e.Rites take longer than ARs) -All art will be posted to DeviantArt and you will be tagged. For Rites and other pieces I will add the appropriate description, please add your AR forms. -You may repost commissioned art with proper credit. Prices (USD only Accepted ATM) Prices are listed under


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Boucle Unicorn Import Q203

My Boucle Unicorns

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Tigg's Cheaty Photoshop Bubble Tutorial


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Fireworks Celebration Photoshop and GIMP Brushes


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Horse stock - Looking at fence

Horse Stock

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What a play!


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Like in the Old Days

Amazing Horseart

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Fantasy Mermaid dress

Amazing Art

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Mare and Foal Base


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Obertaurer History Sheet

Equine Breeds

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Sealle's Tokota Design: Normal Eye/Skin Pack


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.: Read the comments :. Stamp


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Happy Holidays from the DC Family

Colored Lineart

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Fireworks and Party - SYH 2024 -

Amazing Art for me

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That ring

Dyonne and Ilian

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Male/Female Chibi Charactersheet base

Base Stock

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Custom MLP: Symbol Tutorial

Tutorials for Custom MlPs

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Generation: Narr

Designs for me

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Important Informations about Tokotas

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Generation Procrastination

Pferde die zu mir zur ck gingen

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Drakehest Export V108

My Drakehest

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1099 Lady Nobunaga

My Kirins

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Nevarth 4187

My Felvargs

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ID 72091

My Tokotas

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Pitch Black 2160

My Stryx Corva Harpie Gryph

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Daichi 341

My Thilyarem

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ID 36598

25-50 percent dire unrelated to my 50 percen

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Mushu 917

My Shivalis

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Naemre 11807

My Vayrons

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Oceano 11713

My Kukuris

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Snowcrunch E47

Saber Cats

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88 - Moet Chadon

My Windvolves

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Peachpuff 19987

My Shedus

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03-00070 MR Belial


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Dolphin Plush Sewing Pattern

Sewin Pattern

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