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this is the "OBSERVER" in the famous observatory known as"SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI"... named after an old EARTH language.

it is seen above what is believed to be the TAURUS-9 ocean-world in the orion belt...
it's by the way a planet wich is very close to EARTH atmosphere ,the earth that is now a forbidden sanctuary...
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I could see that above the clouds of Venus.
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Wow so atmospheric (pun-intended) :P Really really awesome.
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This deviation has been featured here [link] as part of :iconthedeviantartgallery:'s 3rd member feature. Enjoy :D
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thanks for your support!
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wow, you are awesome (so skilled)
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thanks a lot!
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It looks like the observatory is a part of a flying ship... Amazing and beautiful, love it :+favlove:
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yes actually it "unfolds" itself in the mothership that's on top.

this image is not so good ,it feels "young" to me ,it's one of my first.
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Maybe, but that's its simplicity that makes it great. A 'young' pic is not so bad ^^
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It is very beautiful, your are awsome. I hope some day we will come to that.
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thanks a lot,that would be nice indeed!
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like other said this is amazing, i dont know how some people have such a huge patiance to finish such a huge image xD .. i so want to make something like this but i give up easily :)
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if you don't have the patience ,it will be hard to paint or draw good shit!:)
(this image got so many flaws I should rework it entirely)
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well i normally have pattience when doing familiar stuff like portrait and i know a lot about it, but when i start drawing , coloring landscapes, droids i just give up cause i never did it before, also i have a strong criteria when i upload art, every art has to be better than the last one, so i dont post crappy landscapes xD

Well now when you say it i notice there could be a few improvement but not flaws,like the sea and shield could be made more dynamic.
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for me there's a lot to repaint in this one ,even redoing it from scratch...
the girl ,the clouds even the mechanical arms aren't that good

about your work ,not everything had to be posted ,you got to make a lot of OK or crappy works to improve!
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i never even edit my stuff no mater how bad it looks , im just too lazy xD the only thing that could need improvement is that shield ,, this would look great as a shield,, [link] .

Also all my stuff that i made was uploaded somewhere, but i never made a work that didnt get posted, all the crappy stuff i start coloring and then i just give up, i became to confrontable with portaits xD
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I won't work again on it ,too much work,the shield is an idea but it will look too much like halo...
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its awesome as it is, hah now that you meantion it, it looks like Halo shield, i was going to suggest the Starcraft Protos shield but i cant find a good refferance of it xD
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don't worry about this picture,I'll go ahead!
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This is awesome. Wonder how high up that thing is...
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thanks a lot!!
she's in the stratosphere i guess
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