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Beauty and the Beast



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You know what they say, opposites attract. Its a phrase we always hear or refer to whenever we see or hear of a couple or friends that are drastically different from each other on so many levels that its ridiculous. For example, seeing a woman who is an obsessive compulsive neat freak dating a free-spirited nudist who has never heard of a filing cabinet...or soap. Its things like those that make us truly understand that love is a very complicated and constantly shifting emotion that can never apply the same way to every individual on this planet or any other world for that matter. Beauty and the Beast created by the talented artist Moonchild, aka *moonxels, depicts us the classic example of "opposites attract" in a brand new light that fully illuminated the classic scenario of the flawless stunning beauty and the grotesque horrifying beast together in a truly loving embrace.

As with many of *moonxels' designs, it does not pull any punches when it comes to adding detail. Everything from the beauty and her beast to the miniscule details in the tree's bark and even the cold ground they stand upon all jump forth to grab the viewer's attention and never let it go with excellent results. The image of the beast is personified like nothing many of us have ever seen before. Gone was the monstrous yet stalwart and mysterious beast, who molded his inhuman anger with solace and isolation only to rediscover himself with the presence of the fair Bell. Now what appears before us is the beast's pure essence of what it is to be a monster. There is no reasoning with this beast as there was with its successor, now only the raging bestial creature stands before you, and its not prepared to start sparing lives today.

Yet hanging on his side is the well-depicted beauty illuminating the once dreary and desolate wasteland that he calls his home. This glowing effect shrouding bell depicts her as if she is the bright, warm light that keeps his world from being dark, cold wasteland that it once was. However, as well done a picture that this is, it is not without flaws in any way. One thing that needs a bit of refinement is the texture-like effect near the areas where the glowing sun is. In other parts of the image, more specifically the ground, it looks fine, but near the ground it just seems a bit out of place.

Issues with the image aside, this is still an excellent done re imagining of a classic romance that has highlighted the memories of so many childhoods. Excellent work as always Moonchild! <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>