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castle of scarp

By moonworker1
Photoshop CS5
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This is so cool. That place at the bottom would be the best hang out spot ever.
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Beautiful view! But how in heaven will I get up there?
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i wonder how you did this
Slash-Shinigami's avatar
WOW. That's truly phenomenal. I mean, I'm just in shock... goodness. What a breathtaking piece.

Must have taken ages! I can' even imagine. The whole environment in simply beautiful, and the water... ooh, I'm in so much love with the water.
it's so detailed!! nice picture!!
Thisper's avatar
You have the some of the most amazingly detailed and colored works in your gallery, and it seems like you can paint a scene so quickly!
Its extremely impressive. :)
CoffeeStainStudios's avatar
looks good, nice colors, you have really got the size through. Keep up the good work. Favorite things in this picture is the large tree trunks in between the valley. Also there are some cool other vegetation there.
LAS-T's avatar
thats so frigin gnarley :thumbsup:
mate, very impressive
Cheers :beer:
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coooooooooooool :(
Thorgenathan's avatar
Your pictures are amazing.
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Wow I love the contrast! When starting up and scrolling down, it's just amazing how different the upper and lower half are. Love it!
Is it a matte-painting? Or all painted?
Elentari412's avatar
Amazing, so realistic and.... I love it. :D
hamid12's avatar
so cool and great the colors are alive!
can you make tutorial so we learn the way you made this?
SonicRush87's avatar
Great concept & atmosphere, I dig!
JasonRoll's avatar
I so wnaa get to use that. Cool new features?
Tsukanda's avatar
The clouds and water are beautiful!
PendoX's avatar
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beautiful! I especially like... everything about this picture :deviation:
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looks very cool.
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