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Ironman steampunk

It's my version of steampunk Ironman. Done for Facebook group Brainstorm
It's kind of prototype heavy mech with zero human ergonomics..haha
You could see more detail shot here if you are interested.…
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Ooh, nice design! I love the steam-powered look of this, rather than clock-work. Although, how is stark not baked?
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This is more steampunk than any other steampunk ironman i have seen. You didn't just put gears on it you also made it look steam powered
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I don't quite see how this is steampunk, but I do think this is crazy good! Man, you're awesome~
Niki-Tiki-Tavi's avatar
Hm... He was not hot?
xman8024's avatar
Just stunning work man. :)
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RambitionKur0kku's avatar
Dude this is awesome. Like wow, the details are breathtaking!
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Pure Awesomeness
TheHiddenElephant's avatar
He's got the moves like Jaeger.
ValhallaStarfire's avatar
I like the way it looks, but I wouldn't necessarily call him "Ironman". I don't even think it's possible for a human to wear this thing. It looks more like a Ironman-esque cyborg.
ValhallaStarfire's avatar
I just saw Tony Stark sitting on the thing. That makes much more sense now.
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ohhhh... That`s amazing!
LordBurn's avatar
Doesn't need to hit anyone.  Just stands next to them and steams them to death.
YasinH's avatar
Absolutely amazing work! Beautiful lighting and the metal feels just right!
Katara1111's avatar
Very amazing art! Very steampunk!! :heart: :heart: Lovely.
Tama-o-hoi's avatar
looks awesome. doesnt "feel" steampunk though.
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