The Hidden: Farheimnis

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Murderers. Idiots. Every last one of them is dangerous – and so are you. You’ve chosen to hide yourself away from friends and loved ones in order to protect them from what you have become. You are a Farheimnis were.

Being a werewolf is, of course, dangerous. Some can’t control themselves, while still others get themselves killed thinking they’re invincible. Farheimnis werewolves are different – they may fear or hate what they have become, and struggle to keep the two halves of their lives separate, even denying their condition.

Farheimnis wolves may live entirely estranged from society, or simply fear what they now are.

Things to consider while creating your Farheimnis character:
    :bulletgreen: Like the Belekt, many Farheimnis werewolves are Changed in savage fashions. The result is the exact opposite – rather than a feral beast, these hidden werewolves are disgusted and afraid of what they have become, more traumatized by the experience.
    :bulletgreen: Farheimnis weres are rarely planned, at least by the victim. A wife may Change her husband, only to have him unable to accept his new life. They may or may not have pack ties, either choosing to avoid anything related to their condition, or seeking out a group of like-minded individuals to have some semblance of companionship.
    :bulletgreen: It is hard to say which sect would concern a Farheimnis werewolf most– the Belekt are a frightening reminder of the very thing they have become, and what they struggle to avoid, and threaten the existence of every werewolf. The Nemvarg are dangerous with their outspoken beliefs, drawing attention to them.
    :bulletgreen: While it would be assumed that the wolves who choose to spend their lives in hiding would live the longest, it is sadly not the case. Farheimnis weres have a middle-of-the-road lifespan, as many don’t have the will to survive their first change, and there are cases of those who do taking their own lives soon after. The ones who do survive do so through sheer perseverance, not because of any sort of acceptance.
    :bulletgreen: All it takes to be Farheimnis is a hatred, fear, or mistrust of what you are. The rest is up to you.

:bulletgreen: CHALLENGES :bulletgreen:

:pointr: Please review the form information and challenge/perk information prior to completing any challenges.

:pointr: Challenges must be titled in the following format: First letter of your sect-[Character’s name]-[Rank]-[Challenge #]. For example,  B(for Belekt)-Growly-Omega-2(for the second challenge of the rank Omega).

:bulletgreen: Omega: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Gamma.
    1. Depict a scene from your first night as a werewolf. Did you know what you were about to become when the change set upon you? Did you manage to resist the bloodlust, or did you lose control? 2. Being a werewolf is tricky, especially when it comes to the full moon. What precautions do you take? Do they work? 3. The full moon is over, and you seem to have gotten loose during the night. Now it's daylight, and you discover that you've awakened in an awkward, public place. You might be naked, you might be covered in blood--but you can hear human voices nearby. What do you do? 4. You’ve done something horrible – enthralled by the full moon, your hunger won out, and you’ve killed something dear to you. Show the act, or the aftermath. 5. You're enjoying yourself in a cafe when you feel a familiar - and frightening - burning sensation on your fingertips. You realize, horrified, that the utensils you've been using are made of actual silver - and your body is reacting and trying to change to defend itself. Can you make it out in time?

:bulletgreen: Gamma: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Beta.

    1. A group of three young werewolves - in their human forms - have identified you and begun harassing you every day on your way to work. Since they don't have jobs, they're trying to extort money from you by threatening to come to your house, beat you up, eat your dog, the usual. How do you handle yourself? 2. You didn't know it, but it seems that your house has always been in Belekt territory. It didn't matter when you weren't a wolf, but now, some of the Belekt rowdies have cornered you and are intent on forcing you out. Stand and fight, or back down and get the heck out of town. 3. Did you know that Elkhorn is surrounded by farmland? Now you do! In wolf form, you've taken down half a dozen cattle, and there's a pack of dogs and some very angry farmers on your tail. Run! 4. You've been shot in the leg while in wolf form, and something is wrong. You can feel the bullet burning and searing the flesh inside you--it must be silver! Dig the bullet out yourself, or find a way to get help fast! (If you have packmates, now would be a good time to call them!) 5. A werewolf hunter has killed one of your packmates. Track him down and avenge your fallen comrade.

:bulletgreen: Beta: There are no more challenge requirements; you may finish challenges as you please, based on what perks you would like to unlock.
    1. The neighborhood has found out about you. It doesn't matter how they know--all that matters is that an armed, angry mob is heading for your house, and they're not going to be polite about asking you to leave. At best, they'll just destroy your home and everything you own. What do you do? 2. A Nemvarg wolf has been running loose in the countryside, and his refusal to keep hidden from the humans is putting you all in danger. Your Alpha has given the order: find the Nemvarg and take care of him, by whatever means necessary. 3. A pack of Belekt werewolves has hunted you down during the full moon, and the chase is on. Will you be able to outmaneuver them, or will it come down to a fight? How can you possibly survive against a full pack? 4. An experienced werewolf hunter is a dangerous person indeed, and you awaken to discover that one is currently busying himself by breaking into your house. If you slip out the back, you can avoid him, but he'll just come after you again--you or your friends. You're running out of time, and the man with the gun downstairs is very much looking forward to finding you at home . . . 5. One of your packmates has vanished. His disappearance seems to be tied to the mysterious Landis facility, a heavily-fortified operation tucked away in the wilderness near the Canadian border. Rumor has it that Landis is also the source for all of the silver bullets that have been finding their way into the local hunters' guns. Investigate the facility, but be careful--the guards are carrying military-grade weapons loaded with toxic silver, and they won't hesitate to open fire.
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