Moontouched Closing!

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The Moontouched group will be shutting down sometime the week of 4/15. Follow and favorite anything you want to keep track of before it's no longer collected here! Thanks to everyone who stuck around for our run.

Please do not save, copy, or otherwise reproduce any of the content created for this group without permission, and please do not contact me with requests to take over the group or otherwise keep it running.
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go visit this site it was made as a replacement for this group, it hasn't done good but the creator needs members and people to help make it better. He is also looking for people to help run it he used to do stuff here so he wants someone that knows how this place works to help him setup his.……
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Darn, and I just found this group...
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so if I submit something, it won't get accepted?
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This is indeed an unfortunate event- the Moontouched group was one of the few groups here that I genuinely felt place in. Although I never managed to join, I still had been perfecting my work that I might one day. Alas, o' Earth! a circle hath fallen!

I understand that this group may not be continued, but I do say that I have been working upon my own group, which originates, even now, on Steam, and someday it will become a living, breathing reminder of Moontouched. Worry not of theft or other tresspasses- I can read English well enough, and thus, I will work within the desired perameters.
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Thanks for letting us know. It was an interesting experiment.
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Too bad the group can't have just a new owner, I'll miss it. I wish I had gotten good enough to join. :/
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gdfgsdgsgsh I was finally ready to show my better (aka has something in it) portfolio... Ah well watching was fun and you all were really awesome to rp with. So I thank you for those happy memories and wish you all the very best.
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Why is it closing?
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aww im sorry to see this group go!
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