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RP Night! is going to be every Thursday at 7pm EST. You are welcome to RP at any time, of course, but this gives us an assigned spot every week to show up, chat, and build character relationships! Non-members are also welcome to stop by at this time and ask questions, watch the RP, or just hang out. Can't make this time? Post a night you'd like to RP below, and see if someone will join you!

RP Forum! We're looking for someone who might be interested in setting up a simple, yet clean forum for everyone to use for some paragraph-based roleplay, for those who can't spend a lot of time in the chats. Please shoot the group (not me/riskanja!) a PM if you are interested, and link us any work you might have. We're not looking for much, but many of us are busy right now with work and the holidays, so an extra hand would be appreciated. : )

The Hunter's Moon event was a great success! You are welcome to continue to submit images as you finish them, and there is no penalty for submitting them late! However, the group will be moving ahead with new events for the spring, so be on the look out for seasonal events which will have an impact on your character (prizes! ranks! fun!) if you sign up and complete your images on time. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome!

Lastly, we all hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, and wish you all a very happy new year. Thanks for sticking with us!
Deadline extended! While we still want to have as many people finish their images as possible, we understand the need for more time! This is a fun challenge, and you don't lose anything if you fail to complete your image. :) The deadline has been extended until December 15th before the group will move forward, but you are welcome to submit images after that point.

The Blood Moon... traditionally associated with hunting, killing, and feasting, the lore of the moon is well known to all werewolves, and the Sanguine Moon outshines them all. While werewolves are not festive or celebratory creatures by nature, it is on this one night a year that they often participate in ancient traditions - and in some cases, combine them with modern sensibilities in a deadly tangle...

Autumn, and the Hunter's Moon, have long been associated with hunting, gathering, and stockpiling before the winter cold. The Hunter's Moon itself was claimed to be so bright that it was the easiest night of the season to hunt game. In werewolf society, this night was traditionally a time of coming together as pacts and sects to form large group hunts, helping eachother prepare for the upcoming winter. It was bonding experience and, even for the Farheimnis, a time to cut loose and remember your roots.

Unfortunately, this is modern day America, and things have kind of gone to hell.

With the increased division among the sects, there is very little happy-bonding-funtime. The Belekt take the hunt to the extreme - terrorizing small towns and desolate countrysides, Belekt are careless with their exposure, and their antics range from destruction and random acts of violence to organized human-hunts. If this is the Hunter's Moon, they are the hunters - if this is the Blood Moon, then why shouldn't there be a little blood? Werewolves themselves are not free from the Belekt's madness, and weaker, fresh members of their society had better find a group to hide in for the night, lest a pack of Belekt stumble upon them.

The Farheimnis can't abide this holiday any longer. It is too dangerous, makes them too vulnerable, and those pesky Belekt wolves put everyone at risk. More sedate Farheimnis might simply get out of town, but the ancient traditions have been replaced by a new one for many: the wolf hunt. If the Belekt are going to risk everything by killing humans, why should they be allowed to get away with it? Packs of Farheimnis can often be found stalking and staking out groups of Belekt making trouble - of course, it depends on their leader whether or not they just chase them off into the illuminated night, or tirelessly run them down...

If any of the sects stick to more traditional roots, it is the Nemvarg. The celebrations in which they partake are the most varied; while some packs may stick to an organized hunt, some choose to incorporate a more modern flare, and combine it with Halloween practices. Small gatherings to feast and fight (though the fighting is largely ceremonial - very rarely does anyone get hurt) are common, with preparations made far in advance to select a field or clearing with enough time to decorate. Nemvarg who spend the night out in the woods still have to take care that their gathering is not crashed by anyone else, which would make for a sorry end to the night.

To make things worse, werewolf hunters are often out en masse - taking the hunt to a whole new extreme.

:bulletred:Fall Challenge!:bulletred:
So what does all this mean to your werewolf? What does he or she choose to do on this night? For the challenge event, depict your werewolf taking part in the Hunter's Moon festivities. You can pick any of the described scenarios above, or incorporate aspects of Halloween and the idea of "the hunt" to create your own.

This is meant to be a group event! This means that you need to draw someone else's character from the group in your image. It is highly recommended that you contact a few other members and work out scenes between them - especially if you plan on hunting their character! Remember, it's a time for werewolves to accomplish something together: the more, the merrier!

There are no partners for this challenge. Instead, please pick a few other members out of the signup list, below, to incorporate into your scene. This way no one feels left out if their partner can't finish their image!

Signups end on November 1st.
Completed images are due by December 1st.

To sign up, please comment on this entry and you will be added to the list.

:bulletblue:Event Participants:bulletblue:

:iconakascratch: - Mason
:icontangerinewuki: - Walter
:iconjaven: - Alex
:iconsentinel-nyx: - Ember

:iconharpymarx: - Riley
:iconcookieasylum: - Micki
:iconfrizz-of-fury: - Aubrey
:iconroiuky: - Nick
:iconmadam-sparkz: - Jayne
:iconxilveros: - Nathan
:iconshashia: - Rayleigh
:iconelementalspirits: - Isabella

:iconbailiwick: - Zeke
:iconplaidsneaker101: - Gabriel
:iconcaity-mayhem: - Lola
...or at least getting there!

A crazy sort of summer left a good chunk of our administration unable to keep up with this group for a period of time, for which we apologize. While this insanity hasn't yet ended for all of us, we wanted to let you all know that the group is still up and running!

Part of the improvements we're planning include a chat night for everyone to come out and RP, as well as some future events we have in store.

If you have any suggestions for a night that works well for you to hop on our dA Chat and hang out, please comment here! We're also looking for any and all feedback and suggestions to keep improving as summer comes to a close.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!
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Please review all the group information found in our Directory (on the right-hand side of the main page) before attempting to join the group. If you're ready to go, click here for information on how to submit an application! We have no plan on closing applications, and there is no timeframe on joining or completing images. We won't remove users from the group for inactivity, so take your time!

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    Character use information: (Please specify if it is okay for others in the group to use your character in their own challenge images, under what circumstances they may be used, or if you would like other users to ask for permission. By default, characters may not be seriously maimed, injured, placed in any sexual circumstances, or killed without consent of their player.)

If you currently have a character in the group without this information in their sheet, please just add in a section about how other members may use your characters in their images. Remember: when in doubt, don't! If you have any concerns over character use, ask permission first.

:bulletgreen:Did you know we have a chat for questions and roleplay? It tends to be most active in the afternoons and evenings - head on over to see what's going on.

Welcome to Moontouched!
Sects are a generalization of the wolves within them, not a rigid labeling system or individual breed of were. As a result, it is quite possible for your character to grow and evolve through their interactions with the group, eventually deciding their current lifestyle needs to undergo a dramatic change. Such characters may choose to leave their sect behind, embrace a new system of beliefs, and come to represent an entirely different sect of weres.

Sect changes can be made as many times as you’d like, and at any rank. You must first leave your current sect before joining your new one. Once both challenges have been completed, you may begin completing challenges for your new sect.

:pointr: When completing a challenge to leave a sect, please submit your image with the following title format: L (for leaving)-[First letter of the sect you are leaving]-[Character’s name]-[Rank]. For example, L-B-Growly-Omega would be Growly, an Omega, leaving the Belekt.

:pointr: When completing a challenge to join a sect, please submit your image with the following title format: J (for joining)-[First letter of the sect you are joining]-[Character’s name]-[Rank]. For example, J-N-Growly-Omega would be Growly, an Omega, joining the Nemvarg.

:bulletred: Belekt Challenges
    Leave the Belekt: Perhaps you were a fresh werewolf under the control of the moon, or maybe you just enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and the kill. You’ve woken up from that dream, however, either by coming into control of yourself, or perhaps by making a mistake, and killing someone a little too close to home. What action made you regret your chaotic lifestyle? Join the Belekt: If there is one thing that unites the often-divided Belekt werewolves, it is chaos - and the joy found in it. Bask in your newfound strength and cause some mayhem. Destroy some property, find something to hunt, a werewolf to fight… or a human to kill.

:bulletyellow: Nemvarg Challenges
    Leave the Nemvarg: It often takes a very sharp shock to change a Nemvarg – a loss of control leading to the death of a loved one, or the destruction of something dear. What event could possibly change your laid-back or accepting personality so much? How did you start to loathe or fear what you are – or even begin to enjoy it too much, losing yourself to an uncontrollable bloodlust? Join the Nemvarg: Being a Nemvarg is about both of your halves being at peace. Having accepted what you have become, or learned to control your beast, take some stock of your life. How does it feel to be at home in both of your forms? Do you return to your family, tell someone close to you what you are, or simply go for an enjoyable run in the woods, newly confident and whole?

:bulletgreen: Farheimnis Challenges
    Leave the Farheimnis: Something has occurred to give your wolf more confidence. Whether you’ve simply come to terms with what you are and your ability to control it, or have lost control entirely and succumbed to the violent nature of your wolf you tried so hard to contain, your days of hiding are over. What event brought you to this place? Join the Farheimnis:  You were comfortable with what you were, once, or maybe you were just insane. Either way, that all has changed. Many Farheimnis weres undergo a major lifestyle change, often withdrawing from society completely, moving to a more secluded community, or even driving their family away. What have you left behind or lost in order to better protect those close to you?