:pointr:Pack Creation:pointl:

Werewolves, much like their wolf and human counterparts, are usually social creatures - to this end, many wolves form packs and alliances to maintain friendships, share common bonds, or simply hunt.

:pointr: To create a pack on Moontouched, you must have completed a minimum of 9 challenges – just enough to finish our your Beta rank – and have two characters willing to start a pack with you. These two other characters do not have to fulfill any requirements to start the pack – they’re just to make sure we don’t have packs consisting of only one wolf!

:pointr: Each pack must be created with a Join Challenge and an Exit Challenge. This allows other characters to complete a task to join or leave your pack, and is something that you may come up with on your own – so make sure it fits your pack’s theme! View the packs listed below to get an idea of what you can come up with for your challenges.

:pointr: Each pack must also have a very brief pack description – this should be two or three lines that sum up your pack as simply as possible. If you have a longer description, please post it in your character’s biography on their submitted character sheet and a link to the information will be added to this page.

:pointr: Packs usually consist of members only within one sect, but this is not set in stone – some Alphas are more accepting than others. If this is the case for your pack, it will still be listed in the sect its Alpha belongs to.

:pointr: Submit the following information as either a comment or a note:
    Pack Name:
    Pack Alpha:
    Pack description:
    Join Challenge:
    Exit Challenge:

If you meet all the requirements, your character’s pack will be added to the listing on this page, and characters in the group may now begin completing your join challenge to become a member.

:pointr: If at any point you wish to add pack challenges, host a mini event, or expand on your pack's plot, let us know! We would be happy to assist in contacting all your pack's members, add any necessary information to this page or set up journal entries for plots that might influence the whole of Moontouched.

:pointr: To join a pack, simply complete the pack's joining challenge, submit it to the group, and add the pack's information to your character profile. If you ever decide to leave, you do the same thing for the pack's exit challenge.

:pointr:Pack Listing:pointl:

:bulletred: Belekt Packs :bulletred:

    Pack Alpha: Ezekiel Members: Salem Eckhart (BETA) Andy Rothschild Lola LaRue Dodge Jordan   Pack Description: Tartarus is, as Belekt pop-culture legend has it, the "oldest" pack in the sect...which isn't saying much, since Belekts usually live in the now and their lives are very violently short. It is also not an exceptionally violent pack - they do have their many moments of unabashed terror and wild violent mayhem, but they are much better at intense, slow terrorism, vandalism and intimidation than most other Belekt packs. Unlike a lone, wild Belekt, they are a much more organized and a bigger threat together then apart and they enjoy working together even though they are a wild bunch. Much like a rowdy fratlike biker gang out of the 80s, they seriously enjoy causing trouble, whether its frightening the helpless, bashing in windows or destroying cars, killing entire herds of animals, all the way up to mauling and killing people. They are a serious nuisance and can be a very real, serious danger. Joining the Pack: You want to join Tartarus, eh? Well, you'll have to prove yourself. Those tailtucking little piss-shits the Farhemnis are stinking up our territory. Go confront one and send him running - snare a chunk of his fur as a trophy.
      *If you're a Farhemnis werewolf who wants to change over, you'll have to really show us your balls, since they clearly shrank while you were busy peeing yourself in a corner somewhere at the very idea of being a powerful beast. A few wayward town-members are helping farmer Dave harvest his corn crop. Make sure none of them return. * If you're a Nemvarg werewolf you need to show us you aren't some hippy dippy little shit. There's no tree hugging or fuzzy Ron sweater cuddles here, teddybear. There's a Lover's Lane up Dyson Street overlooking the town...go try to make a new town legend about "The Elkhorn Beast" using a few amorous teenagers.
    Leaving the Pack:No one leaves Tartarus without paying dearly for it. If you can escape the collective gang beatdown for attempting such a thing, we might let you go - that is, if we can't tell if you're alive or dead. Want to show us what your pretty face looks like after we re-arrange it?

:bulletyellow: Nemvarg Packs :bulletyellow:

The Melion Pack
    Pack Alpha: Ron Lovell Members: Bran Norrington Pack Description: Ron likes to think of this pack as a place to help new werewolves become adjusted to their changed lives. He tries to keep the pack structure loose and fluid, and does his best to ignore pack rankings because he feels that leadership and decisions are to be shared. Ron usually runs things in a diplomatic way, asking the opinions of all of the wolves present when an important decision needs to be made. Read more...

    Joining the Pack:
    So you want to join the Melion Pack, huh? Thankfully, Ron has a habit of picking up strays. However, he always wants to know what a wolf has to bring to the table when they join his pack. To show him what your werewolf can do, draw it doing what it does best, be it running down deer, solving complex math problems, or baking cheesecake.

    Leaving the Pack:
    Werewolves leave the Melion Pack in two ways: They either leave on their own, or are thrown out. If your werewolf is simply heading for greener pastures, odds are, everyone is going to want to say goodbye. How does your werewolf bid everyone farewell? Is it all one-on one, or do they say goodbye to everyone at once? Or, if your werewolf has been thrown out, it’s because they’ve done something really deplorable. If this is the case, what did your werewolf do? Did they attempt to kill a weaker werewolf for sport? Or was it something less violent, like stealing from the younger werewolves’ clothing stashes during the full moon?

:bulletgreen: Farheimnis Packs :bulletgreen:

    Pack Alpha: Silas Oliver Members: N/A Pack Description: Vale is one of the oldest continuous packs in the region. Its territory encompasses the town of Elkhorn and the surrounding woods. Nemvarg packs are allowed to roam freely within Vale land, so long as they keep a low profile; Belekt packs are prohibited. Silas Oliver founded the pack at the turn of the century; at its height, it boasted over a hundred members. Now, the pack is dwindling, threatened by Tartarus to the north and the perception that Silas's power and influence have weakened as he ages. Vale is unique in that it possesses a large discretionary fund, which Silas controls. The pack will help your wolf find housing and provide basic monetary support should your wolf need it. Joining the Pack: Vale wolves have a long history of conflict with neighboring Belekt packs. Show you can continue the fight by patrolling the borders and defending Vale territory against a Belekt interloper. Leaving the Pack: Your wolf may leave the pack at any time, or he may be thrown out if his conduct has violated pack rules. If your wolf leaves voluntarily, depict the events that led to this choice, or show your character saying goodbye to his fellow pack members. If he is expelled, show his expulsion.