Moontouched uses a system of challenges and ranks in order to advance your character and unlock fun new perks. A challenge is a written paragraph that sets a scene, and completing one requires you to submit an illustration depicting your character's reaction to or involvement in it. Here’s some basic information and guidelines for how that works.

    :pointr: Must be completed illustrations. This includes shading, highlighting, and a background of substance. :pointr: Still adhere to the guidelines laid out for joining. This includes proper anatomy, overall cleanliness of the image, as well as detail. :pointr: Are subject to a juried review process. We require a certain level of quality in the work that is submitted to our community, and challenge images are no exception. Just because you’ve been accepted to the group doesn’t mean we want your scraps and doodles – we want your best work! :pointr: Have a number of options. Each rank should have anywhere between four and five choices, but you are only required to complete three  to advance to the next rank. You only have to complete each challenge once, though you are welcome to complete more challenges than required if you’d like! :pointr: Have a special titling system. All challenges you submit should be titled in the following format: First letter of your sect-[Character’s name]-[Rank]-[Challenge #]. For example,  B(for Belekt)-Growly-Omega-2(for the second challenge of the rank Omega). :pointr: If at any point you switch sects, you may continue advancing  in your new sect at the same rank, with the same number of challenges completed.


:pointr: This ranking system applies to wolves both in and out of packs. As you complete challenges, you advance in rank - and your rank will apply to the pack you are in. The only way to become an Alpha is to complete several requirements and run a pack of your own - otherwise, the highest rank you can achieve is Beta.

    :bulletred: Omega: All characters first joining the community start as an Omega were. They have one basic alternate form – their werewolf form – and are often young or inexperienced werewolves, or very new to the area. :bulletred: Gamma: After completing three of the challenges from your Omega rank, your character advances to the rank of Gamma. These wolves have access to an additional form – that of a basic wolf (for alternate characters, the basic species of there were) – and often choose to join a pack at this time in their lives. :bulletred: Beta: Beta wolves have completed at least six challenges to advance through the previous ranks. These wolves have access to all previous forms as well as a Gevaudan or beast form, and are often older and wiser than many of their more youthful comrades. Wolves of this rank in a pack are often valuable assets, and lone Beta wolves can be a dangerous threat. :pointr: At this point, if your character has completed three challenges in each rank, they are able to create their own pack if they choose to do so. :bulletred: Alpha: Alphas possess the same forms and abilities of the previous ranks, but are distinguished from them by being the leader of a pack.  They should have natural leadership and the ability to keep their subordinates in line, though this may vary by pack. A leader of a casual pack of Nemvarg may never need to use force, but a group of Belekt werewolves under the light of the full moon may require a firmer hand. Read more about creating a pack here.

Perks, Forms, and Abilities

:pointr: As you complete challenges, you unlock certain perks for yourself and your character. All of these are completely optional – if you don’t decide to use a perk or a form, you don’t have to! If you do, please add the form to your character sheet, and add the perk to the bottom of your character’s bio.
    # Of Challenges to Unlock – Perk Description :bulletpurple: 1 - At-will shifting: your character may now shift at any time, full moon or not (this only refers to controlled shifting, not shifting due to anger or pain). :bulletpurple: 3 – Animal form: a basic quadrupedal version of your were-creature. For werewolves, this is obviously a wolf form, for were-jaguars, it is a jaguar, etc. :bulletpurple: 3 – New character: finishing your first 3 challenges allows you to create a second character. Finishing the first 3 challenges on your second character allows you to unlock a third, etc. :bulletpurple: 4 – Your character no longer has to tear their clothes while shifting or remember to undress beforehand – with a little concentration and a bit of magic, their clothes disappear and reappear as they shift (but at no other time). :bulletpurple: 6 – Gevaudan form: a large beast form designed for combat. :bulletpurple: 7 – Unusual pelt: Your next character may possess some unusual patterning. Examples include piebald, albino, or some domestic variants – think German Shepherd rather than Dalmatian. :bulletpurple: 9 – Pack creation: you may, with the help of two other characters, choose to make your own pack. :bulletpurple: 9 – Alternate species character: Your next character may be an unusual species, such as a were-jaguar or were-tiger.

:bulletred: Have a cool idea for an unlockable perk? Let us know! :bulletred: