:bulletgreen: Alternate Species Characters :bulletgreen:

While Moontouched was created largely to play more classical werewolf characters, there are examples in many other cultures of similar were-creatures, usually represented by the apex predator of the region. We do allow creation of these alternate species when you have reached the appropriate rank (please see the Character Perks page for more information), but the species you may choose from are still limited.


:bulletblue: You must have reached the appropriate number of challenges to unlock an alternate species character.

:bulletblue: You must choose an approved species from the following list
    Were-jaguar or Nagual, Were-tiger, Were-leopard, Were-hyena, Were-coyote, Were-bear

:bulletblue: OR, you may request via note or comment on this page a species that is not listed. In this case, we do require that the species be a large predator that fits in with the overall theme of the above list, and prefer that it be a were actually referenced in myths and literature. As this is a community featuring fictional monsters, we do reserve the right to deny requests that do not adhere to the overall aesthetic.

:bulletblue: If you’re happy with your species choice, head over to the Werewolf page to review the basic rules for werewolves in our universe. While your new character may not be a werewolf, alternate species must still conform to the same basic design. Just replace the word "wolf" with your species and you’ll get the idea!

:bulletblue: Head over to the Character Creation page to follow the same rules for making a new reference sheet. You’re done!

General Information:

:pointr: Despite many of these species not being based on group-oriented animals, for the sake of the group, these characters are treated exactly the same as regular werewolves in terms of packs and sects. Your character will still belong to one of the three basic sects, and you may join and leave packs in the same manner. Similarly, they will still follow the basic dominance of an “alpha” and other hierarchy that may exist in a pack, even if their species may not normally.

:pointr: Bias can and will exist between werewolves and weres of other species, but more often than not they are united by their condition and their sect. This is an individual opinion rather than a stereotype made by any group - many packs are willing to accept members of any species, though this may vary by alpha.

:pointr: For the sake of Moontouched’s world, these alternate species tend to be more prevalent in the area where their related animal is present. Where else would a were-jaguar blend in but South America? While this sort of background is not mandatory, it might be worth considering where your character may have come from to be infected with this more unique condition – and why they’ve ended up where they are.

:bulletyellow: Human Characters and NPCs :bulletyellow:

The focus of Moontouched is mainly on werewolves and a select few other were-beasties. What good would this world be, though, if it couldn’t be populated by a few humans to turn or to hunt – or be hunted by? To that end, we allow the creation of humans as non-player characters, though they do have the option to become regular characters by being infected.

:pointr: Creating an NPC is not needed for those random characters you just want to throw in for a challenge, but it can be fun if you’d like to have someone recurring, or want others to be able to use the NPC you’ve invented. They are not required by any means.

:pointr: You are welcome to make and play human characters without fulfilling any challenge requirements on your main character. As they are considered NPCs and not designed for permanent play, there are no plans to create challenges for them at this point in time. Please limit yourself to one NPC if you don’t have any current characters in play!

:pointr: Your NPC may become a werewolf by being infected by another player in the group – ask around! Someone will be willing to do it, and it encourages character interaction. If you want your human character to be infected by an alternate species of were, you still must have the appropriate amount of rank challenges to unlock that type of character.

:pointr: Non-player characters are meant for character interactions for everyone in the community, so please don’t make them for only your personal use. Your character sheet may specify how they are used and what they are for.


:pointr: Have at least one werewolf character submitted to the group – it doesn’t matter if you have completed any challenges, just that you intend to take part in the community’s main focus. The only exception to this is creating a human character with the intent of changing them into a werewolf right away. Please specify on your character sheet if this is the case.

:pointr: Create a character sheet which includes:
    A full view of your character, colored
    Character name
    The text “NPC”
    If you are creating a werewolf NPC, also include their sect and pack. Werewolf NPCs are just for fun and may not compete in challenges.

:pointr: Submit your sheet to the NPC folder of the group, and include the following information in the Artist’s Comments:
    Concept: This specifies what your NPC is for. Just a townsperson you created to get scared by werewolves? A hunter out for the kill? Please explain what others may and may not do with this character – ie, kill, attack, change into a werewolf, terrorize, etc. If you are creating a human to change into your werewolf character, you may say so here.

:pointr: You’re done! Others may now begin using your NPC in their own challenges, and you can now submit art featuring this character to the group. If your character becomes a werewolf, please make sure to update their sheet, whether or not they become a player character. If they do become a real character, make sure to move them into the appropriate folder.