:bulletred: Applying for Membership :bulletred:

:pointr:Step 1: Before you apply to Moontouched, please familiarize yourself with our community – the home page  can provide you with more information.

:pointr:Step 2: Head to the  home page and submit an application using the ”Join Our Group” button – please do not send a note. Moontouched is, first and foremost, a visual art community. As a result, we do require that the work you submit maintains a basic standard of quality, and so your application should include 3 pieces of artwork that represent what style and quality of work you intend to submit to the group.

We recommend, but do not require, including examples of:
    :bulletpurple: Landscapes or environments. Completing challenges requires finished backgrounds, and so we do require that you be able to render a scene including characters appropriately. Illustrations should look like a complete image, not disjointed parts.
    :bulletpurple: Proper anatomy. This includes both humans and animals and is one of the most important aspects of your submissions. While werewolves are not real creatures, we still require a degree of believability to their shape and strcture, and humans feature prominently in the group.
    :bulletpurple: Overall cleanliness and detail. Images submitted for rank challenges need to be “complete,” which includes color and shading. Showing you can include all of these in an image without allowing the illustration to become muddy or confusing is a must. Your images should be clean and the figures should be clear and identifiable – there should be no guessing as to what you are depicting.

If your application is rejected, please first make sure you included all the required information. Otherwise, you are free to apply again if you feel you have improved or have other works that may meet our requirements or are closer to our recommended examples.

If your application is approved, congratulations! You may now submit a character sheet and begin taking part in challenges and events. Please keep in mind that the artwork you submit will be held to the same standards as the images in your application process, unless submitted to an appropriate folder (for works in progress, sketches, etc – which do not count towards challenge completion).

:pointr:Step 3: Create a character!

:bulletgreen: Character Creation :bulletgreen:

:pointr:Step 1: Create a character sheet which includes the following:
    A full view of your character, colored
    A full view of your character’s werewolf form, colored*
    Character name

*This is the starter werewolf form only. You may include your character's alternate forms, but please black them out or blur them on the sheet and only make them viewable when they are actually unlocked.

:pointr:Step 2: Submit your character sheet to the appropriate sect folder. Include the following information in the Artist’s Comments:
    Name: Sect: Rank (All characters begin as an "Omega"): Age: (We ask that, due to the nature of the group, all characters be 17+) Gender: Height: Personality: Background: Character use information: (Please specify if it is okay for others in the group to use your character in their own challenge images, under what circumstances they may be used, or if you would like other users to ask for permission. By default, characters may not be seriously maimed, injured, placed in any sexual circumstances, or killed without consent of their player.)

    Any other information is optional, but you are welcome to include more. Please be descriptive with your background and personality.

    :bulletblue: As your character advances, you are required to keep your character sheet updated. This includes adding pack information to your comments and any extra forms to your reference sheet. :bulletblue:

    :pointr:Step 3: Enjoy the group!

    Creating alternate characters requires finishing at least 3 challenges before a second character sheet will be accepted. Similarly, your second character must finish three challenges before you may create a third, etc. For more information, please read up on Challenge Information & Character Perks.