Others fear their beast – some embrace it to the point that they lose their humanity. You, however, have chosen to willingly accept your curse – or is it a gift? – and refuse to let it control you. Open-minded and clear-headed, you are Nemvarg.

The Nemvarg are a catch-all group, and the largest (in terms of living weres) of the three sects; these weres are simply those who have chosen to live with and accept their condition as part of themselves. To many, this results in an almost spiritual belief in their Change, while others simply enjoy their new lifestyle to the fullest without succumbing to the murderous desires of their beast.

Nemvarg are the most varied of the three groups in terms of beliefs and personalities.

Things to consider while creating your Nemvarg character:
    :bulletyellow: Nemvarg tend to have the most variety in the ways they were Changed. While the majority of conversions occur due to a bite or all-out attack, many of these wolves claim to have been changed in more mysterious ways: through intense rituals, mystical flowers, or even infected streams.
    :bulletyellow: This sect contains more 'planned' werewolves than any other. While there is still a large amount of 'unplanned' or 'accidental' wolves, many weres in this group were changed willingly and with prior knowledge of what would happen. As a result, they tend to be involved in packs or loosely connected groups.
    :bulletyellow: Farheimnis weres have the most concern for the Nemvarg; being so open with their condition is threatening to those in hiding. The Belekt view them as just another thing to fight. Nemvarg themselves do have their stereotypes about the other sects, but are also the most open-minded towards befriending them.
    :bulletyellow: Being the most open of the werewolves has its cost – Nemvarg may have the longest lifespan of any sect, but are often targeted by extremist groups and “werewolf hunters,” which can cut their lives unnaturally short.
    :bulletyellow: Nemvarg come from all walks of life – all it takes is a willing acceptance of who you are and what you have become. While many of them tend to have a spiritual outlook on life and their condition, it could also mean you just think being a werewolf is totally awesome.

:bulletyellow: CHALLENGES :bulletyellow:

:pointr: Please review the form information and challenge/perk information prior to completing any challenges.

:pointr: Challenges must be titled in the following format: First letter of your sect-[Character’s name]-[Rank]-[Challenge #]. For example,  B(for Belekt)-Growly-Omega-2(for the second challenge of the rank Omega).

:bulletyellow: Omega: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Gamma.
    1. The first moment you changed will always be imprinted on your memory - whether you knew what you were about to become or whether it took you by surprise, it was a life-altering moment. Show us your first night as a werewolf. 2. You’ve stumbled on the trail of a local pack during the full moon. You try to double back and avoid them, but they cut you off. Now you're staring down a dozen wolves in the darkness. Are they friend or foe? 3. A Belekt werewolf has decided to crash the weekly gathering of Nemvarg you attend, and all hell has broken loose. Some wolves have just decided to turn and run, but if you let him get away with it, he might come back again. Depict yourself showing him who's boss - or getting your tail handed to you. 4. There is at least one non-werewolf with whom you share your secret. They may be a close friend or more, but it's someone you've chosen to trust. Show them your werewolf form for the first time. How do they react? 5. You've decided to go out for a night on the town with your friends to a local club or bar. After a few drinks, you start to get a little too loose. A kerfuffle with the bouncer is all it takes--your were-rage hits and you start to change right in the middle of everything! What do you do? Do your friends help you?

:bulletyellow: Gamma: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Beta.

    1. A fellow werewolf has invited you to what you thought was a peaceful full moon gathering, but when you arrive, you realize it's a trap. Your "friend" is a Belekt, and his pack plans to hone their skills by hunting you. Run, or fight--either way, this won't end well. 2. Your nightly romps in wolf form have drawn the worst kind of attention--the police and animal control! They have dogs, they have guns, and they've spotted you. Get out while you can! 3. You happen upon a van full of teenagers stalled out on a country road. A Belekt werewolf is prowling around outside it, intent on turning this night into a full-fledged horror movie. It's up to you to save the kids and send the Belekt running. 4. A werewolf hunter has been on your trail for weeks. You think you've outsmarted him, but he gets the drop on you and a group of your fellow Nemvarg. Before you can react, he opens fire. What happens next? 5. You need a serious break from human life and head out to the woods to unwind. How do you spend your day?

:bulletyellow: Beta: There are no more challenge requirements; you may finish challenges as you please, based on what perks you would like to unlock.
    1. It's come down to this: your pack versus the local Belekt pack, in a royal rumble for control of the woods outside Elkhorn. Let's get it on! 2. You are traveling with your pack. In the dead of night, you stumble upon a horrific scene: a pack of fellow Nemvarg, dead and dying from silver bullets. The hunters were well-armed, and may still be in the area. Your pack splits up; half go to find the hunters, and half tend to the injured weres. Choose a group and show what happens. 3. A pack of Farheimnis wolves has you cornered in a warehouse. They feel you're a threat to their hidden existence, and they plan to kill you. Escape! 4. The Landis facility is expanding and growing ever more dangerous. You and your friends have united with a Belekt pack in an attempt to take it down once and for all, but things go disastrously wrong. Depict the failed raid. 5. Your attempts to balance your human and wolf sides seem to have been acts in one long tragedy. You decide to abandon your human life and spend the rest of your days in the wilderness, but something draws you back. What is it?