While some may be simply accepting of what they have become, or even afraid of it, you are truly one with the beast. Becoming a werewolf has granted you power you never could have imagined, and you intend to take full advantage of it: you are a member of the Belekt.

Belekt werewolves are the things of nightmares. Compared to either the Nemvarg or the Ferheimnis, they tend to have very little regard for rules or regulations, even among their packs. These werewolves have succumbed to their beast and are the most violent of the three sects – as a result, they tend to have very high numbers of Changed wolves, but very few who last any length of time.

The life of a Belekt were is usually quick, dangerous, and bloody. This does not mean Belekt are serial killers or killers at all. They are more like gangsters or frat boys or bikers than anything else.

Belekt is NOT an excuse to make a character who is a dick just for being a dick, a psychopath killer of some kind, etc. Why would anyone want to interact with an antisocial murdering jerkface? This is not a group for killers. Killers are boring. Please be more creative with this sect. Insane and Damaged characters are NOT new or interesting.

Things to consider when creating your Belekt character:
    :bulletred: These wolves are most often Changed in a bloodier fashion; savage attacks that result in near-death experiences are quite common, with only the increased healing of their new condition allowing them survival.
    :bulletred: Many Belekt werewolves are abandoned after their Change, as a majority of attacks are accidental, not planned, and so these wolves are often loners.
    :bulletred:Belekt werewolves are outsiders, usually looked down on by other sects. The Farheimnis are both frightened by them and disgusted at their gruesome lifestyle. The Nemvarg find them a dangerous threat to wolves living in the open.
    :bulletred: Consider your actions - and the results they may have. The life of a Belekt werewolf is often short. Whether it is because they picked one too many fights, or killed one too many of an ornery farmer’s sheep, their reckless lifestyle often falls down around their ears.  To survive you must not only be savage, but cunning.
    :bulletred: A werewolf may become Savage for several reasons - many are ‘born’ into it, losing control of their human halves during the Change, and never find themselves again. Another option is to simply be drunk on power. Being Belekt may not mean your character is inherently evil, but instead succumbs to their wolf every full moon… or he might just be a violent jackass. The choice is yours.

:bulletred: CHALLENGES :bulletred:

:pointr: Please review the form information and challenge/perk information prior to completing any challenges.

:pointr: Challenges must be titled in the following format: First letter of your sect-[Character’s name]-[Rank]-[Challenge #]. For example,  B(for Belekt)-Growly-Omega-2(for the second challenge of the rank Omega).

:bulletred: Omega: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Gamma.
    1. You have gone through your first change. Frightening as it may be, you have embraced your beast. Prowl around, test out your strength. Find something to break. Find something to kill. Find something to fight. Your character's beast makes them wild and bold. What do they do? Where do they go? 2. It's the night of the full moon, and you have encountered another Belekt. You have a choice: either work together and terrorize the countryside, or fight viciously. Show us your decision! 3. A van full of teenagers has broken down on a lonely country road. You find them while on your nightly prowl. This looks like an opportunity for some old-fashioned horror-movie shenanigans, but a do-gooding Nemvarg steps in to ruin your fun. What do you do? 4. The wolf gets to have all the fun at night, but it's your human mind that has to deal with what you've done the next morning. Depict your character shifting back to a human after causing some chaos. Are they as pleased as their wolf, or is it a horrifying sight? 5. You're at a small gathering of fellow Belekt weres when a fight breaks out. When in such company, fights like these quickly turn into all-out brawls: get in there and show them what you've got!

:bulletred: Gamma: Complete 3 of the 5 challenges below to advance to the rank of Beta.
    1. A man has been killing werewolves near your territory and you have tracked him back to his base - a deceptively flimsy-looking hunting shack surrounded by deadly booby-traps. Do you manage to sneak in and extract your revenge, or do you get a face full of silver spikes? 2. A werewolf hunter has been sent in to your area to take out any wolves he finds - and with the mayhem you cause, he's definitely going to track you down. Whether you get the drop on him or are taken by surprise, it comes down to a fight. How do you do? 3. You have come across a mundane hunter's trap deep within your territory. Stick around for a while and wait for him to come back, and show him a thing or two about who can hunt in these woods. 4. You’ve had to change shape a lot recently, and are starving. The beast demands to be fed… and there's the sound of something shifting in the trees nearby. You are ravenous and willing to eat whatever it might be, human or not. Show your hunt, or its results. 5. Some punk has decided to harass you late at night on your walk home. Maybe he wants your wallet, or maybe he just has a death wish. What do you do?

:bulletred: Beta: There are no more challenge requirements; you may finish challenges as you please, based on what perks you would like to unlock.
    1. You've killed "one" too many humans and have drawn too much attention. A group of hunters have formed up near your usual stomping grounds with every intent to take you out - most of them are inexperienced, but silver bullets will still kill you. Deal with them. 2. You've picked up rumors that a certain corporation is producing anti-werewolf weaponry - and all signs say they have a facility nearby, hidden deep in the woods. You sneak in to investigate, and you're horrified to discover that the artillery inside the place goes way beyond a few silver bullets. Can you get out safely and warn your pack, or will the guards spot you when you try to leave? 3. You and your pack have scented an inexperienced werewolf nearby. Injured on his first hunt and distracted by his meal, he seems not to notice you. He is awfully close to your territory... and the scent of a fresh kill has your bloodlust boiling. Get rid of him! 4. A researcher in the area has put two and two together and realized the "bear" attacks in your home territory aren't coming from a bear at all. She and a trail guide have chosen to camp for the night in your usual hunting grounds, looking for the creature that might be causing all the mayhem. Terrorize them for a little while. 5. You've been lured into a trap - the military has taken notice of your murderous actions, and they're determined to take care of the problem. As the tanks and APCs surround you, you have a few seconds to plan your next move, and determine if you live or die - or just get horribly maimed. Depict your daring and dangerous escape.