Welcome to Moontouched - before creating a character, please read over our guides in their entirety. This introduction to our community will give you an overview of what we're about.

:bulletyellow: SETTING :bulletyellow:

You are a werewolf – or will soon become one – in the mountains and valleys of modern-day upstate New York. Here’s what you need to know to survive.

The setting is Hamilton County, New York. Hamilton exists entirely within Adirondack Park, and is made up of mountainous wilderness and small communities, while still being within commuting distance of Albany and its suburbs. For the purposes of setting, the majority of play is centered around the fictional town of Elkhorn - a small hamlet with population of under 2,000. Your character may live, work, or hunt in this town, but stay true to its rural nature.

Your characters may have access to any of the surrounding areas – we’re not picky about where you want to play, just keep it up in that neck of the woods. If you and a friend want to take a road trip to New York City, so be it! This area just gives us a good spread of environments, and is a perfect place for a werewolf to hide – or hunt.

In this world, werewolves are not thought to exist. While certain entities - branches of government and some private corporations - may have some notion of them, it is a secret largely hidden from the public. Mundane and non-affiliated werewolf hunters are an exception, those who have somehow discovered this mystery and dedicated themselves to eliminating this threat. Most of those who know are the close family and friends of those who have been changed, and those individuals who managed to live through a sighting.

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:bulletgreen: WEREWOLF APPEARANCE :bulletgreen:

While we respect that there is no set standard for what a werewolf may look like, we have several guidelines in place for creating a character that fits into our world. For detailed information on this, please read more here.

For information on alternate species and unusual characters, please go here.

:bulletred: SECTS :bulletred:

Sects are mandatory. Your character may be a fresh were and not even know they exist, or an older were who doesn't care one way or the other about which Sect they fit into, but they still fall into one grouping or another for the purpose of our world. Think of them more as general groupings of similar traits, rather than any specific breed or pack of werewolf.

While some may be simply accepting of what they have become, or even afraid of it, you are truly one with the beast. Becoming a werewolf has granted you power you never could have imagined, and you intend to take full advantage of it: you are a member of the Belekt. Read more...

Others fear their beast – some embrace it to the point that they lose their humanity. You, however, have chosen to willingly accept your curse – or is it a gift? – and refuse to let it control you. Open-minded and clear-headed, you are Nemvarg. Read more…

Murderers. Idiots. Every last one of them is dangerous – and so are you. You’ve chosen to hide yourself away from friends and loved ones in order to protect them from what you have become. You are a Farheimnis were. Read more…

Switching Sects
Sects represent a general stereotyping of the werewolves within them, rather than any specific breed of were. As a result, it is possible for your character to change which Sect they belong to through interaction, growth, and development – this often represents a dramatic change in belief and personality, and should only be done with very good reason. Read more…

:bulletyellow: PACKS :bulletyellow:

A pack is a smaller, more closely tied group of wolves - each Sect may have any number of packs that belong to it, united by any number of goals. Some are very loosely grouped, wolves who hunt together or happen to enjoy each others’ company, while others may be more tightly knit, even militaristic, depending on their alpha. Read more…

:bulletgreen: RANKS AND CHARACTER PERKS :bulletgreen:

Moontouched uses a basic ranking system to “level up” your character and provide access to certain perks and items. Everyone starts at the same level: as a lone, omega wolf, perhaps freshly changed or new to the area. As you complete character challenges, you may move up in rank, which provides your character with more experience and knowledge, and allows you to purchase things like new forms and advanced secondary characters.

For more information on our ranking system and unique character perk system, please view the Rank and Character Perk page.

:bulletred: Joining Moontouched :bulletred:

Read over everything here, as well as all the pages in the directory? Great! head here to get started on joining the group and creating a character.