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The Moontouched group will be shutting down sometime the week of 4/15. Follow and favorite anything you want to keep track of before it's no longer collected here! Thanks to everyone who stuck around for our run.

Please do not save, copy, or otherwise reproduce any of the content created for this group without permission, and please do not contact me with requests to take over the group or otherwise keep it running.
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Belekt Character Sheets
Valerie Haven by Javen
Vincent Reyes by hellcorpceo
Character Sheet: Flick Skinner by trepidation
Lilith by ShannonHealey
Nemvarg Character Sheets
Walter R. Hoffmann by TangerineWuki
Bergen Adalwolf by bolthound
Thomas Renolds by TheSleepyMonster
Riley O'Connor by HarpyMarx
Farheimnis Character Sheets
Xiomara 'Ember' Yoichi by Sentinel-Nyx
Kate - Farheimnis Omega by dracothrope
Moontouched: Jhaklen Sunscent by JustaMerc
Moontouched - Josephine Hersch by khyterra
Non-Player Characters
Grayson Oliver by hellcorpceo
Rank Challenges
N-Jayne-Gamma-3 by Madam-Sparkz
N-Riley-Omega-3 by HarpyMarx
N-Thomas-Omega-1 by TheSleepyMonster
N-Jayne-Gamma-5 by Madam-Sparkz
Event Challenges
Hunter's Moon - Storytime by shashia
Hunters moon party by Roiuky
Harvest Moon Challenge Event by Madam-Sparkz
Moontouched - Stupid Pup by Javen
Miscellaneous Art
Hi, what a coincidence! by Roiuky
Caged rage by Roiuky
Here we go again! by Roiuky
Heavy mist by Roiuky
Clean Sketches and Works in Progress
Moon cycles by Roiuky
moontouched, in progress by Roiuky
MT - Hunter's Moon WIP by CookieAsylum
WIP N-Micki-Gamma-3 by CookieAsylum
Tutorials, References, and Memes
Kicking my own ass like a boss by Roiuky
Farheimnis Meme by Javen
Moontouched Size Chart by hellcorpceo


Lights OUT by NukeRooster Lights OUT :iconnukerooster:NukeRooster 4,089 118 Bor by CaraidArt Bor :iconcaraidart:CaraidArt 622 71 Forest  monster by ononheli Forest monster :iconononheli:ononheli 344 17 Wolf Mask by zarathus Wolf Mask :iconzarathus:zarathus 289 59 A Fair Fight by shoomlah A Fair Fight :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,412 123 Shiftin' Feels Good, Man by caramitten Shiftin' Feels Good, Man :iconcaramitten:caramitten 610 46 The Cone of Shame by Sarspax The Cone of Shame :iconsarspax:Sarspax 153 96 The Beast Within -colored- by DjWelch The Beast Within -colored- :icondjwelch:DjWelch 6,886 232 WP sitting2 by NoxiNobodi WP sitting2 :iconnoxinobodi:NoxiNobodi 26 12 Red Wolf Hoodie by KayPikeFashion Red Wolf Hoodie :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 3,001 480 Steampunk Spamdragon by Novawuff Steampunk Spamdragon :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 1,248 97 Council Of Fangs by kyoht Council Of Fangs :iconkyoht:kyoht 813 42 Beast by kyoht Beast :iconkyoht:kyoht 388 9 The Hour of the Hunter by Nimrais The Hour of the Hunter :iconnimrais:Nimrais 1,594 100 Myenia by KatieHofgard Myenia :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 646 23



Introduction & World
A brief overview of the Moontouched community - information on the setting.

How to Join & Character Creation
How to join our community and create a character.

Werewolves: Appearance, Forms, and Information
Guidelines for your werewolf's basic appearance and additional forms.

Guidelines for Alternate Characters
Information on creating other were species and human characters.

Challenge Information & Character Perks
How the challenge system works, guidelines for submitting art, and a description of our perk system.

A chatroom for RPing and, if no RP is going on, general questions and conversation.

:bulletblue: SECTS :bulletblue:

The Savage: Belekt
A summary of the Belekt werewolves and their challenges.

The Accepted: Nemvarg
A summary of the Nemvarg werewolves and their challenges.

The Hidden: Farheimnis
A summary of the Farheimnis werewolves and their challenges.

Switching Sects
Challenges for changing your character's sect.

Pack Listing & Information
List of packs within Moontouched, as well as information on how to create and run your own.






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4613645 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Student General Artist
It's already been so long... I miss this group. I remember when I first found it, how I was just barely getting into drawing. I was working on my first picture-- my entry picture, specifically-- when it closed.

It broke my heart. It really did. I had finally found a group that made me feel alive again. No idea if the admins or any members will ever come back to at least look at what they've made, but man... I sure wish I were here sooner. I also certainly wish it could have been kept going somehow or maybe have a spiritual successor elsewhere. What a shame.
dracothrope Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018
Preaching to the choir, regarding ARPG's! I've found a group that compiles ARPG's that are still active, which you can find here: :iconrp-archives:

I know it's been over a year since you posted, but hopefully you've found somewhere to get stoked about!
comicfam Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
why is group is clouse?
EmbersOfWolf Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey wanted to Ask is this place still open? xD
ShaneTheWolf Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
hi would be awsome when we can make  a Affiliat
shadowraiwolf09 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Why is the group closing?
Roiuky Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
so, i think i might take a break from this group, lost all inspiration for making weres atm and have way to many projects going on...
Zetsumeishiro Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello fellow Wolf Lovers, I am holding a very small Contest and thought ya'll might be interested.
There are only two winners.
Prizes include 200 :points: and a Picture from me, plus a feature, and a Llama badge if i haven't given you one already.
Check it out :) [link]
Dealine for submissions is the 31st of March. Hope you can join. Thanks!
CookieAsylum Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
If anyone wants to do an rp - either in one of the chatrooms or through some other means - let me know. I really miss playing Micki and drawing her. Plus, werewolves <3
ElementalSpirits Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've only just got back so I'm a little late in responding but Isabella will be attending all festivals that involve free food (Even if that food wasn't intended</a> to be free! :XD:). She also spends so much time in her wolf forms that she tends to follow more natural cycles so *ehem* she may be very flirty around this time of year.
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