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It's already been so long... I miss this group. I remember when I first found it, how I was just barely getting into drawing. I was working on my first picture-- my entry picture, specifically-- when it closed.

It broke my heart. It really did. I had finally found a group that made me feel alive again. No idea if the admins or any members will ever come back to at least look at what they've made, but man... I sure wish I were here sooner. I also certainly wish it could have been kept going somehow or maybe have a spiritual successor elsewhere. What a shame.
Preaching to the choir, regarding ARPG's! I've found a group that compiles ARPG's that are still active, which you can find here: :iconrp-archives:

I know it's been over a year since you posted, but hopefully you've found somewhere to get stoked about!
why is group is clouse?
Hey wanted to Ask is this place still open? xD
hi would be awsome when we can make  a Affiliat
Why is the group closing?
so, i think i might take a break from this group, lost all inspiration for making weres atm and have way to many projects going on...