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Mature content
Flame Does Not Perish :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0
Path of Grief
Nobody will speak of grief
Or abide in its presence for long
Nobody knows what to do
With a presence comfortably ingrained
Suddenly become absence forevermore.
Oh! The pillagers and deceivers come!
Selling bridges across the yawning abyss
As if the disrupted routine could be restored
After such irrevocable upheaval.
Even could the process be reversed
The departed would not be the returned.
Reduced to their component parts
Essence scattered and re-purposed
Could anything ever, having undergone
Such monumental transformation
Be exactly as before?
Of course not.
Only fools and liars dare otherwise claim
As they circle the bereaved, intent on gain
Their pretend-comfort another open grave.
Nobody wants to deal with grief
Gaze into that gaping hollow naught can fill
Listen to the screeching wails
Wade the mucous flood
Witness the paroxysms and convulsions
That cease today only to resume tomorrow
Until the time they unexpectedly relent
As the edges of the weeping gash scab over.
Nobody wants
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
In Memoriam Queen Amidala by moontiger5 In Memoriam Queen Amidala :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 2
End of Illusion
My loves were not with you, charlatan
You do not own the stars, the sands, the waters
Your fingers snap upon empty air
Your commands to the sidereal womb, inconsequential
You but claim Lordship in your madness
The reaction of our entire species in yours captured.
For we are not the Great Ones of our stories
When all our words and deeds but serve Extinction
When we craft hopes and dreams of glory
Only to crush them out of spite and envy.
Nature is red in tooth and claw when She must feed
When She must live another day, another season to prevail
The quest that cannot be denied demands extremes
When odds are stacked against and limits
Seemingly unyielding bar the way
But otherwise She nurtures that which She has borne
And turns Her might to favor those that carry on
Her selfsame quest, another night to burn the Flame.
You do not own the Night nor can you the Flame bind
You may only cast your net of lies
Across the flowing waters of denial
Until that current too must ebb
With shifting sand
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
Work in Progress
That which can no longer be denied
After turmoil's end the atmosphere becalmed
Yet joy remains incomplete?
Well, that is ever a work in progress
Each day's travail both adding and subtracting
A tug of war between desire and reality
But the balance now is mostly
In fulfillment's favor.
Perhaps we've learnt to be content
With the scavenger's lot
Discarded greater ambitions for the essential stuff
Or found in postponement of fantasies
The surcease of here and now
The dream that died cast finally adrift
Set aflame with much pomp and circumstance
Not so different the high-browed and the barbaric
For all in the end must feed
That greater need drives all of us
Joy comes after fulfillment always
And we dance whenever we are called
By that sweet promise
In the meantime we wait and learn
To bask in the silence.
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
Dark With New Eyes
I had never looked at the Dark with these eyes
Despite gazing at it for so long before
Entranced by its textures
Caressed by the play of shadows
Lulled to surcease by its haunting melodies
Yet never imbued with lasting tranquility
Unrest ever scratching at the seams
Of our tapestry.
Anxiety upset even the frequently overturned
Receptacles of heady offerings
The riot and exuberance of chaos undermined
The stalwart yet welcoming support
Of solid law defiled
And there beside the flickering yet enduring Flame
Thieving hands dared disturb
Dispelling the warmth yet again
Now there is no more such disruption
Even amid the incessant turmoil
Life is wont to bring
Missing pieces nestle in their sanctuaries
And the warmth abides long after the
Trembling yields to rest and
Quickened breath evens out
It crept into the spaces between our needs
And stayed, curled up in satisfaction
Dark at last able to soothe these eyes
Returning after its long journey to
The awaiting emptiness
In soft fulfillment
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0
Mature content
Bloody Beginning :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
Homo homini monstrus
Bones go crunch under my feet
Whom have they all come to meet?
Dark Ones worshiped, what are they?
Symbols and embodiments
Housing that which animates
Nature unbowed and untamed.
What the Dark brings in its core
Shorthand for our inner code
Most conveniently denied
Out of idiocy or pride
Heroism we so crave
We forget from whence all came
Whither it must all return
Yet our inner self proclaims:
Fully aware without pretense
Predator thy mantle claim
Power ever has a price
Rule to serve and fight to guard.
Let the ones who lordship claimed
Serve as lessons of the game
On the world loosed plague and bane
Ravaging without a care
Therefore monsters we became.
Homo homini monstrus then
Wise women and sage men
Turned upon our very selves
We the Dark and we the Flame.
What are they whose masks we wear
What are we who hide back there?
Let their deeds and tragic tales
Remind us of our dread shame
Skins we drape upon our flesh
Blood we drink and world we stain
Count our deadly sins past sev
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 2 0
Mature content
Exorcism for Heroes :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
He defied an embodiment of Extinction
Dark Warrior against former Overlord
Cried truce and used a Hero's might
To complete what his alone could not
Sacrificed all for what reigns supreme
Survived now Lordship is his
Because the one who fell
To whom he was sworn
Would destroy the world.
This Dragon would not have cared
Before that mate he claimed
Became the one sliver of Light for a Dark One to cleave.
Then he became the fury of indomitable Nature himself
Against that Aspect of Death that no longer served
Yet remained himself nonetheless.
In a most infuriating
Utterly marvelous way
He cleansed the Dark of taint
And yet prevailed
Greater than before.
All that he feels now
In every bone and sinew
In every crevice of his being
He that is now the greatest
Is his victory and its price
All for that little Flame
Beside which Shadow can curl.
In the end, I warned the one who fell in disgrace:
It would be about those simple, inconsequential things
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0
Mature content
Gorehound's Prayer :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
Unworthy of the Flame
Silence oh mate of a Dark Warrior
Consort now to a Dark Lord
Embodiment of the Enduring Flame
Avatar of Life Ever-Prevailing!
You who were naught but trash
Until our eyes discerned your worth
We empowered you when your own
Heroic brethren discarded you
We forsook the fealty owed an Overlord
Cried truce and invoked alliance with a foe
We who did not feel shed tears of relief
Who know not fear trembled risking all
For the sake of a world in which
Your sliver of sunlight yet shone
Shame us not with doubt unworthy
We have entrusted all to you
The sweet fulfillment of our cravings
The good, the beautiful, the true
That Heroes fight for
You are to us
Those things to the Dark
Are meaningless
Except through you.
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 0 0
I am not about to disclose
That which I set my fiends to protect
Or explain the lore that I did claim
When rising to the Lordship I know hold
Content yourselves with what the story tells
About my flayed and maimed ultimate soul
The pitiful trick that brought me down
At the hands of a clueless little boy.
I will not now state different words
The Heroes won the day, I bit the dust
The pestilence I desperately would purge
Still the world roams and harrows worse than I
They say I was afraid of Death
Whose might I wield and for mantle wear
Thus all emotions soft I cast to emptiness
For no attachments means no compromise
No weakness that an enemy may use
No veering from the trail that must be blazed.
Fair enough depiction for a cartoonish take
On that which truly never must be named
I am pleased with my enemies in truth
This much they eased my reach to my goal
Now I may await here on my throne
Till they all filter in one by one
Not only to pay homage to my name
But greet me as the friend tha
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0
Mature content
Dark Grief :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 1
Mature content
Gorehound's Desire :iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0
I was not there at the end
You who meant the most to me
For whom I learned to speak of love
Who had no use for words.
The simple comforts of a belly full
The warmth of close embrace
The joy of silence on an evening
After most disparate daily quests
Such was the language of our togetherness.
There would be nothing at the end
Thither the living had no place
But at the moment just before
The gift of presence perhaps
Bestowed could have been
But a lie coated pristine in Heroic intention
Kept me away
As Darkness came and Void triumphed
Time for you stopped
Animated flesh became carrion
It was done
And I did not know.
I could have come to you
Borne witness then as
So many times before and since
I who swore devotion to this cause
Waylaid and tricked, deflected
It is all gone, yet it persists
As madness is wont to do
This is how you haunt me.
:iconmoontiger5:moontiger5 1 0


Orochimaru 02 by Alex-J-Crow
Mature content
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Cindy Aixmar Salgado
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Puerto Rico
I am a woman, in my mid-thirties, brunette, green-eyed, petite. I have a daughter. I am a biologist, animal physiologist to be precise. I am an ailurophile, herpetophile, and general zoophile, passionately so, to the point of eccentricity and beyond. I am an avid bibliophile, a book leech rather than a bookworm, for the latter come and go, while I am extremely difficult to pry off. I am drawn to science-fiction, fantasy, horror and graphic novels. I am something of a chocoholic, adore mint, keep a vegetarian diet. I write poetry. I constantly venture from my fluffy comfort zone into the maw of Darkness and have found nourishment and wisdom there. I can touch my nose with my big toes. I love classical music and tribal dance. I enjoy sarcasm and maple syrup. I am the human of two rescued black cats, Anakin and Macbeth. I grin toothily, adore giving hugs, listen devoutly, and will gladly share a cup of tea anytime. I am Cindy.
Snape's guardian angel by Psy-CHO-Aoi

Snapes Kitty by Vulkanette

Snape and Vader .comic by The-Black-Panther


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