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Sky King

Sky Lion.

I continue to try to draw animals in one or another way. This one was drawn for particular reason and honestly I understand that this pictures lacks something, but I can't figure out what exactly :'(

That's why I ask all of you: please help me to understand what does this picture need!. I will greatly appreciate any of your ideas and advices.

Made in Photoshop CS6
Additionally used brushes:
Puffy Cloud Brush by ~shuikyou [link]
Photoshop Sparkle Brush Set by ~kurisutaru [link]
Photoshop Dot Brushes Set by *FrostBo [link]
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*chuckle* amazing love ^_^
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i feel the legs are too long and perhaps skinny for a lion's, they look more like the length of a horse's legs, same goes for the posterior part of the body.
i however love the paws, they are beautifully done, and the mane is just precious!! the detail here is amazing, and i also like how the amount of stars seems to be just about right, nothing seems overdone or 'too starry'. excellent job!
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Yeah, I guess that's my habit, to draw too long legs -.-
Thank you very much for your comment, it really helps me!)
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long legs can be a style =) the comment only applies if you're looking for a bit of realism i suppose xD
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A lovely piece. Wonderful job.
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I believe this is awesome!
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I think the tail needs to be longer but other than that its great! :D
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Thank you very much, I'll try to experiment with it more!)
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