Patagonian Cavy: Happy Half-Birthday

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Guess who is going to be six months old this month? Benny the Patagonian cavy, of course! And I think when your lifespan is only 10-15 years, you are allowed to celebrate your half-birthday. Benny received his gift a little early: a pop-up castle tent, courtesy of IKEA.

BennyTentSm by MoonsongWolf

Having a quiet walk at the park (yes, he generally walks like a deer rather than hopping like a bunny):

Being a lazy, cuddly bastard:

God forbid I forget to rub the belly, too!

He's still a lot of work; I wouldn't recommend these little dudes as pets for anyone who doesn't have either a lot of time at home or a lot of outdoor space. He's very rewarding, though! He's a shy, funny, affectionate gentleman.

Happy half-birthday, Benedict! :heart:
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Aww, so adorable. :3